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Ripple News: XRP’s Golden Cross Deja Vu: Analyst Anticipates $6 Price Boom

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  • Historical data and recent trends suggest XRP is setting up for a significant price spike.
  • Cryptobilbuwoo, a crypto analyst, predicts a potential rise to the $5.3 – $6 range based on past patterns.

XRP’s Past Patterns as Future Indicators

XRP, the digital asset often under the spotlight, appears to be gearing up for a remarkable price surge, potentially touching the $6 mark. This prediction comes from the pseudonymous crypto analyst, Cryptobilbuwoo, who draws parallels between XRP’s historical price movements and its present chart.

Diving into Historical Price Movements

In October 2020, XRP charted a ‘golden cross’ – a notable bullish sign in the crypto realm – when its 25-week moving average soared above the 50-week moving average. This pattern paved the way for XRP to rally to a commendable $0.7900 by November 2020. For those uninitiated, a ‘golden cross’ is when a short-term moving average crosses above a long-term moving average, hinting at potential upward momentum.

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The rally was all the more intriguing as it began right after XRP managed to break free from a multi-month downtrend. Yet, this upward journey wasn’t without its challenges. The cryptocurrency encountered resistance at the $0.7900 level, prompting a temporary correction. But resilience defines XRP: the digital coin bounced back, pushing past its initial resistance to reach a peak of $1.9669 by April 2021.

Current Trends Echo the Past

With a keen analytical eye, Cryptobilbuwoo observes that XRP‘s recent behavior is strikingly reminiscent of its 2020-2021 cycle. Once again, XRP has surpassed a persistent multi-month descending trendline, further buoyed by another weekly golden cross. This bullish setup was underscored when XRP reached a high of $0.9479 in July, in the wake of its lawsuit victory.

However, the tale sounds familiar: XRP faced resistance at this peak, with the gains from that period now completely erased. This pattern is eerily similar to the one observed in late 2020.

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The July spike, in Cryptobilbuwoo’s analysis, is merely the precursor. The real surge, he believes, is on the horizon. Drawing parallels with the previous upturn, the analyst envisions XRP embarking on an ascent that could skyrocket its price.

Leveraging the 2021 appreciation rate as a yardstick, Cryptobilbuwoo’s projection places XRP in the ballpark of $5.3 to $6. Considering the current XRP price stands at $0.4865, reaching the $6 milestone would necessitate an impressive 1,133% rally.

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