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Ripple IPO Buzz Grows: Could It Reach $600 per Share Soon and Drive XRP Price to $50?

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  • Ripple’s victorious legal battle against the US SEC has renewed optimism and spurred IPO speculations, with experts anticipating a 20x valuation surge to $600 per share.
  • Linda P. Jones, a seasoned Wall Street analyst, draws a parallel between Ripple and Coinbase’s IPO scenario, underscoring Ripple’s potential to emulate or surpass Coinbase’s valuation trajectory post-IPO.

Blockchain aficionados and market prognosticators are keeping a close eye on the unfolding narrative around Ripple (XRP), especially in the aftermath of its recent legal vindication. The favorable ruling delivered by Judge Analisa Torres has placed Ripple back in the spotlight, marking a crucial turn of fortune in its market trajectory.

The SEC Ruling: A Beacon of Legal Clarity

The pivotal ruling by Judge Torres clarified that secondary sales of XRP tokens do not constitute investment contracts, thus exempting them from the classification of securities under SEC’s regulation. This legal clarity acted as a catalyst, fueling a notable upswing in XRP’s price and trading volume. Several cryptocurrency exchanges that had previously delisted XRP due to regulatory fears swiftly relisted the token post-ruling, amplifying its market resonance.

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Sparking IPO Speculations: The $1 Horizon

Following the legal exoneration and resurgence in trading activities, the chatter has now veered towards the likelihood of XRP breaching the $1 threshold. The forthcoming ‘Proper Party’ event orchestrated by Ripple on September 28 to commemorate the legal victory is further fanning the flames of speculation surrounding Ripple’s valuation and a probable IPO. Linda P. Jones elucidates how, akin to Coinbase’s IPO trajectory, Ripple’s stock value could experience a substantial elevation if an IPO were to materialize.

Jones asserts,

“The considerable legal clarity coupled with the vast XRP reserves in escrow makes a compelling case for a valuation leap post-IPO, potentially mirroring or even eclipsing the trajectory witnessed by Coinbase.”

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Valuation Vortex: The Coinbase Comparison

Jones’s analysis delineates a plausible pathway for Ripple’s valuation surge. By paralleling Ripple’s situation with that of Coinbase which attained an impressive valuation apex post-IPO, Jones accentuates the prospective ascent for Ripple. This comparison highlights the conspicuous undervaluation of Ripple, particularly when weighing its colossal escrow-held XRP reserve, pegged at an astounding $21 billion at present value.

Ripple’s IPO aspiration, if realized, could galvanize its valuation, driven by its intrinsic stock value and the ancillary valuation derived from its XRP holdings. As envisioned by Jones, Ripple’s stock value could soar 20-fold, approximating a valuation of $600 per share on September 29, primarily fueled by its legal clarity, substantial XRP reserves, and the burgeoning IPO anticipation among investors.

Unveiling the potential valuation surge underscores the domino effect of legal resolutions and ensuing market conjectures pivotal in shaping narratives around blockchain startups and their market valuations.

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Collin Brown
Collin Brown
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