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Ripple Defenders Debunk Republican’s ‘XRP as Security’ Claim; Analyst Forecasts Optimistic Rally

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  • House Republican Jane Adams faced a swift response from the XRP community, including attorney John Deaton, for labeling XRP as a security.
  • Prognostications from an expert analyst, CredibleCrypto, envision a re-entry level for XRP near $0.65, bolstering investors’ optimism about an impending substantial rally.

In the continuously evolving world of cryptocurrencies, misunderstandings and misinformation can run rampant. Recently, the Ripple community rallied against a statement by House Republican Jane Adams who labeled Ripple’s XRP token a security. This prompted a swift and elucidating response from various quarters of the XRP fraternity, including prominent attorney John E. Deaton.

Understanding the Security Distinction

Deaton, a noted supporter of XRP, took to Twitter to challenge Adams’ understanding of the legal complexities around Ripple and XRP. He stressed that while Ripple might have used XRP in securities transactions with institutions, it does not inherently make XRP a security. He drew parallels with Bitcoin, which despite being sold as a security in the 2013 Shavers case, did not transmute Bitcoin itself into a security. Deaton urged Adams to read Judge Torres’ decision in the ongoing Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit, to comprehend that XRP is not a security.

Backing Deaton’s stance, lawyer Bill Morgan further elucidated the distinction between the sales of XRP to institutions being securities (as per Torres Doctrine), and the nature of XRP token itself. He emphasized that these represent investment contracts, thereby not classifying the XRP token as a security.

Bullish Outlook for XRP

On the investment front, renowned analyst CredibleCrypto predicts an optimistic future for XRP. In a July 20 tweet, he shared an analysis that foresees a substantial rally for XRP. He suggested a promising re-entry level near $0.65, given that XRP’s price holds above the $0.50 mark. He expressed confusion over anyone bearish on XRP’s long-term prospects given the current scenario.

XRP saw a 5% jump within the past 24 hours, with an uptick in trading volume by 35%. Currently trading at $0.80, XRP’s performance indicates a resurgence of bullish momentum, fostering hopes of the price surpassing the $1 mark. As the Ripple community continues to defend its stance, investors eye a promising future for XRP.

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