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Revving Up Sustainability: VeChain Teams Up with Shanghai Tanlian for Greener Autos

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  • Innovative Collaboration: VeChain and Shanghai Tanlian team up to lead the automotive industry towards sustainability, ensuring compliance with EU Battery Regulation.
  • Carbon Neutrality Achievements: Zhejiang Kangxing Technology, with the support of Shanghai Tanlian, earns carbon-neutral certification, signaling a significant step in eco-friendly manufacturing.

In an era where environmental sustainability is paramount, the collaboration between VeChain and Shanghai Tanlian marks a groundbreaking step in the automotive industry. This partnership aims to revolutionize the sector by ensuring compliance with stringent regulations, such as the EU Battery Regulation, and leading the way in tracking and reducing carbon footprints.

A Carbon-Neutral Manufacturing Milestone

Recently, Zhejiang Kangxing Technology, under the guidance of Shanghai Tanlian, successfully passed the Carbon Neutrality Verification (PAS2060) and received a certification from the Norwegian-based DNV, designating its factory as a certified carbon-neutral facility in the light chemical products manufacturing sector.

The concept of a carbon-neutral factory is centered around achieving net-zero emissions through a combination of renewable energy use, energy-saving renovations, and carbon offsetting measures. Zhejiang Kangxing Technology’s approach encompasses several innovative strategies:

  1. Harnessing Renewable Energy: The factory has installed photovoltaic systems on its rooftops, promoting self-sufficient and sustainable energy usage.
  2. Eco-Friendly Transportation Solutions: In its production processes, the factory extensively utilizes electric forklifts and other new energy vehicles to reduce carbon emissions.
  3. Offsetting Remaining Emissions: The residual carbon emissions are offset using carbon credits generated from VCS-certified renewable energy projects, encouraging more contributions to carbon reduction efforts.
  4. Leveraging Digital Carbon Management: Utilizing Shanghai Tanlian’s VeCarbon digital carbon management platform, Zhejiang Kangxing Technology can efficiently manage and disclose carbon neutrality data, enhancing carbon management efficiency for green, low-carbon development.
  5. Advancing Product Carbon Footprint Disclosure: The company has also calculated and verified the carbon footprints of two products, effectively disclosing them through the VeCarbon platform, laying the groundwork for future product carbon neutrality.
  6. Promoting Low-Carbon Employee Participation: Employees are encouraged to engage in low-carbon activities like commuting sustainably and using duplex printing, contributing personally to the company’s carbon neutrality goals.

Enhancing Competitive Edge and Compliance

Achieving carbon-neutral certification not only enhances Zhejiang Kangxing Technology’s market competitiveness by demonstrating its commitment to green practices but also ensures compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. This step is crucial for fostering sustainable development within the company, enhancing its corporate social image, and expanding its influence.

In their customer testimonial, Zhejiang Kangxing Technology’s Chairman, Chen Yifeng, highlighted the invaluable support of the Shanghai Tanlian team in successfully completing the carbon neutrality certification. He also emphasized the efficiency brought about by the VeCarbon digital carbon management system in managing carbon data and market compliance disclosures.

This collaboration between VeChain and Shanghai Tanlian, and their successful implementation of carbon-neutral practices at Zhejiang Kangxing Technology, exemplifies the growing trend towards sustainable and environmentally responsible manufacturing in the automotive industry. As these initiatives gain momentum, they pave the way for a more eco-conscious and sustainable future.

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