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Revamping the Core: IOTA’s Lead Developer Highlights Key IOTAcore Advancements

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  • GoShimmer, ConflictDAG-PR, and IOTAcore, essential components of the IOTA platform, receive major updates to fortify network stability and functionality in preparation for IOTA 2.0.
  • IOTA’s team is determined to enhance protocol stability and complete the necessary implementations before the much-awaited Minimum Viable Product (MVP) release.

As the IOTA team prepares for the launch of IOTA 2.0, a significant leap forward in realizing full decentralization, notable upgrades have been made to critical components of the platform: GoShimmer, ConflictDAG-PR, and IOTAcore.

Pioneering Updates Pave the Way for IOTA 2.0

GoShimmer, a prototype node software developed by IOTA, is designed to explore the implementation of the forthcoming IOTA 2.0. This next-generation platform promises a fully decentralized distributed ledger protocol that goes beyond mere payments, providing immediate transaction processing and scalability to accommodate up to 10,000 nodes and 1,000 MPs.

Latest updates on GoShimmer, ConflictDAG-PR, and IOTAcore were shared by the Twitter account ID.iota. A closer look at the GoShimmer GitHub reveals a small number of changes as developers continue to execute test cases and APIs for ConflictDAG-PR conflicts. These implementations are key to ensuring seamless integration with the remaining data flow.

The first tests on ConflictDAG have been performed and confirmed stable by Research Engineer Jonas Theis. The team is now committed to adjusting all components and tests that use ConflictDAG to conform to the new APIs. While they intend to finalize some loose ends, their primary focus remains on stabilizing the system.

The integration of the new, more stable ConflictDAG has left GoShimmer feature-complete. The ConflictDAG Refactor is functioning well, and its integration into the protocol data flow is in progress, with all internal interfaces being modified to match.

IOTAcore: The Lynchpin of Implementation

As per ID.iota, the IOTA team may explore additional methods to bolster protocol stability before the release of the MVP. At present, Refactor testing is not active. IOTAcore is poised to play a pivotal role in the GoShimmer implementation. Its first responsibility is to usher Coordicide into Shimmer, before applying it to IOTA.

Theis disclosed that the team is busy implementing the StardustVM (ledger) onto the core protocol. The integration of the Stardust output type is crucial as it unlocks functionalities like NFTs, Tokens, and more. The team will persist in adding the accounts associated with staking and voting, and we may soon see protocol upgrades on chain-switching, conflict handling, and more. However, these plans remain flexible and could evolve in the future.

Even as the team disclosed that no significant changes will be made to the codebase, IOTA 2.0 is poised to secure data and value transfer between humans and machines. In line with this ambition, the IOTA Foundation has recently partnered with Dell Technologies to promote sustainable energy use in future virtual cities.

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