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Restoration of $800M of Malfunctioning Terra Classic USD Sparks Discord Among Terra Luna Classic Enthusiasts

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  • The Terra Luna Classic community is looking to restore 800 million of malfunctioning Terra Classic USD (USTC) kept in a wallet linked to the Ozone Protocol.
  • The community is divided over the potential utilization of the restored funds, with some advocating for the burning of the funds, while others propose directing them back into the community pool.

The Terra Luna Classic community finds itself in a contentious position, striving to reclaim 800 million of the malfunctioning Terra Classic USD ($USTC) that Do Kwon, the founder of the Terra blockchain, sent to Ozone Protocol. The sum in question is of no small consequence, prompting a significant rift within the community over the next course of action.

Striving for a Consensus amidst Discord

In unity, Terra Classic members believe the sizable amount of $USTC should be retrieved for the community. However, consensus begins to fracture when discussing how best to use the funds. A governance proposal led by Vegas Morph, as detailed in the Medium post titled “Return 800 million USTC, Now,” seeks the redirection of the funds back to the Terra community pool if approved.

A cloud of controversy surrounds the Ozone Protocol project, which has seemingly stalled on its projected development plan. Despite initial success and demand, concerns over mismanagement of the originally sent billion USTC have surfaced, leading to the community’s demand for the remaining 800 million to be returned.

Some in the Terra Luna Classic community, like Vegas, argue for the reclaimed on-chain funds to be directed back into the Luna Classic community pool. Contrarily, others, including financial engineer Alex Forshaw, propose that the stagnant $USTC should be eliminated, or “burned,” rather than be reintroduced into circulation.

Burning the funds, Forshaw contends, would be more beneficial for the struggling community. According to him, the deletion of the retrieved cryptocurrency would inadvertently increase the USD value of the existing USTC, as the market would anticipate similar future decisions by the community. This tactic, Forshaw suggests, would be more congruous with the revitalization efforts already underway on the Terra Classic chain.

This debate showcases the dichotomy within the Terra Luna Classic community as it navigates the intricate path of recovery and growth amidst tumultuous times. The fate of the malfunctioning 800 million USTC hangs in the balance as these two factions present their cases, with the ultimate decision bearing significant implications for the future of Terra Luna Classic.

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