An open source registration project would allow users to link Ethereum addresses to accounts on popular social media site reddit.

Shaun Schutte posted a Medium blog announcing Register.eth, which was incubated in the reddit community and collaborative site Part of the work was financed through donations and the rest was completed by volunteers.

According to Schutte, the simple interface provides "an infrastructure on which other services can build."

"Instead of collecting new online identities each time, projects can pool their user profiles and tap into an ever growing database."

The Register.eth service will eventually link Ethereum addresses to more than reddit, encompassing Twitter, email addresses, and any other social media accounts. Linking an address to a user-handle allows other users to reward those whom they see fit with virtual currency, bolstering meaningful participation. The registry is also designed to help build reputation relative to online identities in an era when quality information is increasingly difficult to discern.

Register.eth works with the Metamask plugin which runs on top of a Chrome browser. Once installed, users can create a password, choose the Ropsten Test Network, and acquire test Ether. After posting an Ethereum address on reddit, users must navigate to the testnet registration site and follow the instructions provided.

While the basic components of the Register.eth project continue to manifest, volunteers are needed to help with various tasks, including: reddit front end development; architectural review to prove extensibility and modularity; security review; community and startup engagement; user interphase design; and more social media integration across different platforms.

Schutte invites every Ethereum project that can find a use for the databases to "join the Register.eth community effort on Gitter and increase the value of the service, together." 

Jeremy Nation is a writer living in Los Angeles with interests in technology, human rights, and cuisine. He is a full time staff writer for ETHNews and holds value in Ether.
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