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QuickNode and Chainlink Labs Forge Partnership to Enhance Secure Blockchain Infrastructure

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  • QuickNode, the leading blockchain infrastructure provider, has forged a partnership with Chainlink Labs, aimed at aiding secure blockchain infrastructure.
  • The collaboration will facilitate Web3 builders, offering QuickNode credits to Chainlink BUILD projects and empowering developers to create RPC endpoints and access Web3 services across a 22+ chain ecosystem.

In a promising development for the blockchain industry, QuickNode, a preeminent blockchain infrastructure provider and comprehensive Web3 development platform, has announced its collaboration with Chainlink Labs, the entity behind the Chainlink Network. Through this partnership, QuickNode will extend QuickNode Credits to Chainlink BUILD projects, fostering easy creation of RPC endpoints and access to crucial Web3 services, tools, and developer resources across a vast ecosystem spanning more than 22 chains.

QuickNode stands as an invaluable platform for blockchain development, furnishing projects of all scales with robust infrastructure, managed RPC services, flexible APIs, and potent analytics critical for successful scaling. QuickNode’s globally distributed multi-chain infrastructure and auto-scaling capacity allows it to back applications across the Web3 landscape, assisting their growth trajectory from MVP to widespread adoption.

Teaming up with Chainlink Labs, QuickNode commits to enhancing the blockchain ecosystems, providing steadfast, reliable core infrastructure to streamline project scaling. To further empower Web3 builders, QuickNode recently sponsored the Chainlink Spring 2023 Hackathon, a move designed to aid developers in expanding their toolkits and effectively utilizing blockchain infrastructure.

Moreover, QuickNode has extended credits to Chainlink BUILD projects, bolstering their initial journey. Additionally, representatives from AWS, Base, and Chainlink Labs have participated as judges for QuickNode’s QuickPitch competition, which offered over $80,000 in prizes.

Jason Hunt, the VP of Ecosystem at QuickNode, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating,

“We’re excited to partner with Chainlink Labs to help support Web3 projects with secure blockchain infrastructure. Combining our on-demand tools with the industry-leading Chainlink Web3 services empowers developers to build advanced, secure applications.”

Chainlink Labs, the prime provider of safe, trustworthy open-source blockchain oracle solutions, amplifies smart contracts by connecting them to a broad spectrum of off-chain data sources and computations. Its dedication is towards the development and integration of Chainlink as the standard decentralized oracle framework used by smart contracts across any blockchain.

QuickNode, the leading end-to-end developer platform, is revolutionizing Web3 and blockchain infrastructure by streamlining dApp development and offering high-performance access to over 22 blockchains. QuickNode continues to empower top developers and companies to focus on innovation by accelerating dApp build times and delivering enterprise-grade solutions to businesses of all sizes.

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