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Polygon’s ‘Climate Optimism’: Resale of Digital Books Funds Carbon Removal

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  • collaborates with Mango Publishing, Tres Cool, and Polygon Labs to release “Climate Optimism,” a unique digital book that actively contributes to carbon removal with each sale.
  • This initiative not only emphasizes digital ownership over mere access but also reintroduces a second-hand marketplace with an environmental impact.

In a novel intersection of literature, technology, and environmental stewardship,, in partnership with Mango Publishing, Tres Cool, and Polygon Labs, is delighted to announce the launch of

“Climate Optimism.”

Authored by the distinguished Zahra Biabani, this digital book stands as the world’s first carbon-removing literary work, showcasing a bold stride in the global endeavor against climate change.

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This initiative transcends the conventional boundaries of ebook accessibility, as introduces true digital ownership—elevating the experience from merely possessing a license to access digital content in Web2 to actually owning the digital asset. Furthermore, this venture revitalizes the ‘second-hand’ book marketplace, wherein each transaction involving the fully-owned digital book actively contributes to atmospheric CO2 removal.

The alliance with Tres Cool significantly augments the sustainability quotient, embedding each digital copy with a unique carbon-removal feature. This innovation ensures that with every initial purchase and subsequent resale, a portion of the transaction aids in the acquisition of carbon removal credits, translating the act of book buying into a continuous cycle of climate-positive action.

Joshua Stone, CEO of, highlights the initiative’s alignment with digital ownership and environmental responsibility, stating,

“This partnership is pioneering a future where we can possess our digital goods, absorb knowledge, and concurrently wield a positive influence on our environment.”

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Stefan Renton, Sustainability Lead at Polygon Labs, expounds on the transformative potential of blockchain in the publishing realm, emphasizing its ability to imbue tangible, verifiable impact into literary works. He remarks,

“Books have always been instruments of change. Now, with blockchain, we substantiate their impact, providing traceability, transparency, and immutability to any publisher proclaiming their book’s positive influence on the environment.”

Leanne Bats, founder of Tres Cool, also expresses her enthusiasm for this groundbreaking partnership. She highlights the capability of this initiative to extend the impact of literature beyond its pages, transforming the publishing industry into a proactive agent of environmental change.

Zahra Biabani, the mind behind “Climate Optimism,” envisions the book as a catalyst for systemic change, providing readers with actionable solutions to address the climate crisis.

As these diverse sectors—publishing, blockchain, and sustainability—converge, they set forth a new paradigm in environmentally conscious content creation. “Climate Optimism” will be available for purchase on Wednesday, Oct. 25, at 5pm EST on’s Live Mints page.

For additional information on this pioneering project, please visit

About Revolutionizing digital publishing, enables users to truly own, resell, and share decentralized encrypted assets across various blockchains. Founded in 2022 and headquartered in McKinney, TX, is at the forefront of digital asset ownership.

About Polygon Labs: Dedicated to developing Ethereum scaling solutions, Polygon Labs fosters scalable, affordable, secure, and sustainable blockchain infrastructure, with protocols that have seen widespread adoption across major Web3 projects.

About Mango Publishing: As a leading independent publishing house, Mango Publishing is committed to sharing knowledge, inspiring creativity, and encouraging personal development across diverse genres, providing a platform for both established and emerging authors.

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