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Polygon zkEVM Prepares for Major Upgrade: No Disruptions Expected

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  • Polygon zkEVM is scheduled for a significant update on November 23, aimed at improving its infrastructure without disrupting network activities.
  • The upgrade requires developers to update their nodes and tools, but no action is needed from end-users.

A Step Forward in Layer-2 Protocol Advancements

Polygon’s zkEVM (Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine) is set to experience a crucial protocol upgrade on November 23, marking a significant step in the evolution of the network’s infrastructure. This update is anticipated to occur seamlessly within a 30-minute window at 13:00 UTC, ensuring minimal interruption to the Polygon network’s ongoing activities.

Seamless Upgrade with Minimal User Impact

Notably, the upgrade process is designed to be smooth, with no required action from end-users. This approach reflects Polygon’s commitment to user convenience and system stability. Only developers are prompted to update their nodes, provers, and bridges to the latest versions, enabling them to tap into the network’s enhanced capabilities and continue their work on building Decentralized Applications (DApps) on the Ethereum blockchain.

The upcoming update encompasses a range of significant changes and features. These improvements will notably affect the zkEVM node, bridge, and prover infrastructure, including updates to the RPC, sequencer, synchronizer, and databases. Additionally, the upgrade will enhance Websocket functionalities, further streamlining the network’s operations.

Polygon zkEVM: A Journey of Continuous Innovation

Since its initial Beta release earlier this year, Polygon’s zkEVM has undergone several upgrades, following a substantial funding round of $1 billion, comprehensive audits by third-party organizations, and an extensive internal review involving 26 researchers. Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal highlighted the zkEVM’s innovative approach to DApp deployment, emphasizing its ability to seamlessly integrate Ethereum applications using existing Ethereum developer tools like Remix and standard wallets such as Metamask.

Recent enhancements include the introduction of the Polygon PoS Bridge to the Polygon zkEVM in April, alongside integrations with various projects. These advancements reflect Polygon’s dedication to improving its Layer-2 scaling solutions and fostering a more robust and versatile blockchain ecosystem.

In response to the announcement of this upgrade, Polygon’s native token MATIC witnessed a 3.44% increase, trading at $0.7782. This positive market reaction underscores the growing confidence and anticipation among investors and users regarding the potential impact of the zkEVM upgrade on the broader blockchain and DApp development landscape.

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