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Polygon Unleashes Game-Changing Update for Miden VM, Targets Billion-Dollar Domination

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  • MidenVM v0.7 releases groundbreaking improvements in assembly language and boasts 30% enhanced VM performance.
  • Lead developer and ex-Facebook ZK-researcher, Bobbin Threadbare, reveals major advancements in Miden’s capabilities.

MidenVM’s Evolved Blueprint

Amidst the thriving blockchain landscape, Polygon’s Miden has manifested as an avant-garde solution, continually setting benchmarks in rollup technology. With the unveiling of the Miden VM (v0.7) – the latest iteration of its STARK-based Miden platform, the game has undeniably shifted. This recent overhaul spotlights a refined assembly language, a bolstered development library, and streamlined data logistics, all encapsulated in the insights shared by Miden’s founder, Bobbin Threadbare.

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Tech-Driven Enhancements

As part of the new release, Miden’s assembly language has undergone profound refinements. This enhanced version introduces nested module support and module aliases, facilitating more nuanced development processes. It further enriches the coding arsenal with constant value expressions and debug tools tailored for developers.

Supplementing these coding advancements, the Miden standard library has expanded its repertoire. This universally accessible toolkit now encompasses Compact Sparse Merkle trees featuring 256-bit keys and the intricate Falcon signature verification system.

Diving into the core, the Miden virtual machine has witnessed meticulous optimization. By restructuring the communication between the VM and its host environment and refining various internal components, the Miden team has achieved performance feats previously uncharted. After rigorous testing, the VM displayed an approximate 30% performance surge compared to its prior benchmarks. Impressively, a twofold enhancement was noted from its early 2023 statistics.

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Adding a cherry on top, the update also integrates benchmarks tailored for recursive proofing, showcasing Miden’s foresight in blockchain solution evolution.

Surpassing Established Norms

Acquisition by Polygon in 2021 marked the beginning of Miden’s transcendence from the conventional EVM framework. Instead of treading the EVM path, Miden embraced its proprietary virtual machine, MidenVM, setting it apart from the crowd. Technologically, it embodies the next-gen second-layer solution for Ethereum, grounded in zk-STARKs – zero-knowledge scalable transparent argument of knowledge.

From 2022 onwards, Miden’s focus has been majorly on ZK-centric advancements, reflecting Polygon’s commitment to pioneering state-of-the-art solutions. With this update, Polygon Miden further reinforces its reputation as the vanguard of a novel proofs paradigm, championing “client-side proving.”

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