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Polygon Labs Refutes Sei’s Claim of First Parallelized EVM, Citing Own Achievements

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  • Polygon Labs disputes Sei’s claim of introducing the first parallelized EVM, stating its own PoS chain has already implemented this technology.
  • Polygon’s EVM parallelization has been in production for months, effectively handling a high volume of transactions and improving blockchain efficiency.

Polygon Labs’ Stand on EVM Parallelization

In the rapidly evolving blockchain sector, a significant debate has arisen around EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) parallelization, a concept poised to greatly enhance the scalability of EVM chains. Amidst these technological advancements, Sei, a blockchain developer, claimed to introduce the first parallelized EVM chain, planning an update in 2024. However, this assertion has been challenged by Polygon Labs, a prominent player in the blockchain arena.

Polygon’s Claim to Parallelization Prowess

Polygon Labs has openly refuted Sei’s claims, with Sandeep Nailwal, the co-founder of Polygon, asserting that their PoS (Proof of Stake) chain has already been leveraging parallelization. He credits this advanced technology for maintaining network stability during periods of high transactional activity, especially noting its efficacy in handling inscriptions.

Jarrod Watts, a development engineer at Polygon Labs, supported Nailwal’s statements in a recent social media thread. Contradicting Sei’s marketing claims, Watts highlighted that Polygon’s implementation of EVM parallelization has been operational in production for about four months, effectively processing around 168 million inscription transactions within a month.

Insights into Polygon’s EVM Parallelization

Polygon Labs has employed a method akin to Aptos’ Block STM engine for EVM parallelization. This innovative approach executes multiple transactions simultaneously, assuming their independence, and resolves any arising conflicts or dependencies by revalidating the affected transactions.

The Minimal Metadata Approach

Polygon adapted this technique for the EVM using a minimal metadata approach. This strategy involves attaching metadata to transactions post parallel execution, which are identified as dependent. Validators utilize this metadata to process transactions efficiently.

This approach enables network participants to recognize and address dependency metadata within a block, allowing block builders to optimize their proposals. By accounting for transaction dependencies, blocks are constructed with fewer conflicting transactions, thus enhancing overall network efficiency.

Demonstrated Efficiency

In December 2022, Polygon Labs reported that initial tests of their network demonstrated nearly double the transaction processing speed. This achievement represents a significant step in blockchain technology, combining the high-speed capabilities of Solana with the robust smart contract functionalities of Ethereum.

A Milestone in Blockchain Evolution

Polygon Labs’ challenge to Sei’s parallelized EVM claim underscores the dynamic nature of blockchain innovation. With its proven track record in EVM parallelization, Polygon Labs continues to push the boundaries of blockchain efficiency and scalability, marking a noteworthy advancement in the industry.

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