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Polygon 2.0: Unveiling the Value Layer of the Internet with Unlimited Scalability and Unified Liquidity

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  • Polygon 2.0 is a major upgrade for Polygon Network, aiming to become the Value Layer of the Internet.
  • The architecture of Polygon 2.0 consists of four layers: Staking Layer, Interop Layer, Execution Layer, and Proving Layer, offering unlimited scalability and unified liquidity.

Polygon 2.0: Building the Value Layer of the Internet

Polygon (MATIC) has been experiencing a bullish momentum, and its recent rise in price can be attributed to the Polygon 2.0 initiative. This upgrade has expanded the capabilities of the blockchain network, leading to a significant 5% increase in the MATIC price over the past few days. Additionally, traders have shown resilience by holding onto their assets for the past 30 days.

One of the key factors driving the rally is the rebounding network growth, which is evident from the increase in new MATIC addresses per day over the last month. Santiment Insights has also identified decreasing supply on exchanges and low profit-taking as positive on-chain signs supporting the price growth of the 12th ranked market cap asset.

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Polygon has been actively pursuing partnerships with mainstream companies, and its collaboration with telecommunication giant Deutsche Telekom is a testament to its efforts. As one of the 100 validators on the Polygon Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network, Deutsche Telekom’s involvement further strengthens the credibility and utility of the Polygon ecosystem.

Introducing Polygon 2.0: The Value Layer of the Internet

Polygon 2.0 is a comprehensive blueprint for transforming Polygon into the Value Layer of the Internet. The ultimate goal is to create a protocol that enables anyone to create, exchange, and program value, similar to how the internet allows for the creation and exchange of information.

The Value Layer is a fundamental protocol that democratizes access to the global economy by facilitating decentralized finance, digital ownership, and new coordination mechanisms. It eliminates the need for gatekeepers, rent-seekers, or middlemen, putting users in control.

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Polygon 2.0 proposes radical upgrades across various aspects of the network, from protocol architecture to tokenomics to governance. These upgrades will be detailed in the coming weeks, covering topics such as the future of the Polygon PoS chain, the evolution of the Polygon token, and the transition to greater community governance.

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Building the Value Layer

While Ethereum introduced the concept of the Value Layer by enabling the creation, exchange, and programming of value without intermediaries, the existing blockchain ecosystem still faces challenges. The scalability limitations and throughput constraints of individual blockchains hinder the seamless and unified experience that the internet offers.

Polygon 2.0 addresses these challenges by introducing a network of ZK-powered Layer 2 chains. These chains will be unified through a cross-chain coordination protocol, making the entire network feel like a single chain to users. This approach ensures unlimited scalability and unified liquidity, while maintaining the security and capital efficiency required for cross-chain interactions.

Polygon 2.0 Rollout

The development of Polygon 2.0 has been a collaborative effort involving Polygon Labs, developers, researchers, applications, node operators, validators, and the broader Polygon and Ethereum communities. The formal governance process within the Polygon ecosystem will determine the acceptance and implementation of Polygon 2.0.

Polygon Labs will share detailed information about the architecture and components of Polygon 2.0 through blog posts, community meet-ups, and interviews with the founders and engineers. The engagement and participation of the community are crucial in shaping the future of Polygon as the Value Layer of the Internet.


Polygon 2.0 represents a significant upgrade for the Polygon Network, positioning it as the Value Layer of the Internet. With its proposed architecture, including the Staking Layer, Interop Layer, Execution Layer, and Proving Layer, Polygon 2.0 aims to achieve unlimited scalability and unified liquidity. As the rollout progresses, the community’s involvement and feedback will play a vital role in shaping the future of Polygon as a transformative blockchain protocol.

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