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Polygon 2.0 Unleashes Game-Changing Updates for MATIC Holders

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  • Polygon unveils a plethora of pivotal milestones and joins hands with influential tech giants.
  • Google Cloud’s recent induction as a Polygon validator underscores the platform’s escalating prominence in the tech domain.

Referring to a tweet by Today In Polygon, The past week has been action-packed for Polygon,

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with significant strides in its developmental journey. Here’s a quick dive into the major highlights:

  1. The highly anticipated POL contracts of Polygon 2.0 were activated on the testnet, marking a crucial step in the platform’s advancement.
  2. In a significant tech-collaboration, Google Cloud stepped in as a validator for the Polygon network. This move indicates the growing trust and integration of Polygon in the tech sphere.
  3. Reddit Avatars saw a surge in users, reaching a remarkable 20 million holders, indicating the platform’s growing popularity and acceptance.
  4. Polygon’s zkEVM witnessed two impressive milestones – a total of 6 million transactions and achieving over 450,000 unique addresses.

New Partnerships and Initiatives

Several entities have chosen Polygon as their development platform or collaborated with it for new initiatives:

  1. Astar Network announced the forthcoming launch of its zkEVM on Polygon’s testnet.
  2. PowerLoomHQ expanded their incentivized testnet on the Polygon zkEVM, furthering the platform’s integration with third-party developers.
  3. BuildOnPalm’s testnet was activated using the Polygon CDK, expanding the ecosystem’s capabilities.
  4. 0xFireDrops launched its 2.0 version for all users on Polygon, giving them access to new features and functionalities.
  5. In the realm of digital collectibles, both SmirnoffUS and Aurem_io made notable moves. While SmirnoffUS is set to introduce its digital collectibles on the platform, Aurem_io unveiled their “Genesis Mint.”

MATIC’s Market Performance

Despite an eventful week packed with milestones, MATIC‘s price performance showed mixed results. The token witnessed a 4% surge over the week, but there was a slight drop in the last 24 hours. According to recent data, MATIC traded at $0.5634 with a market cap surpassing $5.2 billion. Metrics indicated a high social volume for the token, showcasing its continued popularity. However, some indicators like the Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) and Relative Strength Index (RSI) hinted at potential market fluctuations in the near future.

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