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Polkadot’s Web3 Foundation Fuels Innovation with $1M On-Chain Treasury Investment

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  • The Web3 Foundation is investing $1M in U.S. Treasury Bills brought on-chain via Anemoy on Centrifuge Chain, a move aimed at enhancing Polkadot’s DeFi ecosystem.
  • The investment is part of a broader trend of integrating real-world assets into DeFi, as seen in initiatives by MakerDAO and Avalanche.

Web3 Foundation’s Strategic Move in DeFi

The Web3 Foundation, renowned for its development of the Polkadot network, is making a significant foray into decentralized finance (DeFi) with a pioneering investment in on-chain treasuries. This move not only broadens the scope of Polkadot‘s DeFi capabilities but also signals a growing trend of integrating real-world assets into the blockchain ecosystem.

Investing in On-Chain Treasuries

The Foundation announced on November 29 that it would pilot an investment of $1 million into U.S. Treasury Bills, which have been brought onto the blockchain via Anemoy, an asset manager on Centrifuge Chain. Centrifuge Chain, a Polkadot parachain focused on real-world assets (RWA), will facilitate this innovative approach, integrating traditional financial assets with the burgeoning DeFi sector.

Expanding Polkadot’s DeFi Ecosystem

The investment in on-chain treasuries is a testament to the Web3 Foundation’s commitment to expanding and innovating within Polkadot‘s infrastructure. Lucas Vogelsang, co-founder of Centrifuge, expressed excitement about this collaboration’s potential for growth and innovation for real-world assets using Polkadot’s technology.

The Trend of Real-World Asset Integration in DeFi

This development aligns with a broader trend in the DeFi sector, where platforms are increasingly seeking to incorporate real-world assets. MakerDAO, a prominent DeFi platform, has been a leader in this area, investing significant sums into U.S. treasuries and expanding its RWA exposure. Similarly, Avalanche launched a $50 million fund focused on natively tokenized assets, including RWAs such as equity, credit, and real estate.

Centrifuge Chain’s Role in Bridging DeFi and TradFi

Centrifuge Chain, as a Layer 1 Polkadot parachain, plays a pivotal role in bridging traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi). It aims to migrate a broad spectrum of credit assets on-chain, thereby facilitating the convergence of these two financial worlds. The chain has also ventured into Ethereum Layer 2 networks, indicating a growing interconnectivity within the blockchain space.


The Web3 Foundation’s investment in on-chain treasuries via Anemoy marks a significant milestone in the integration of real-world assets with DeFi. This strategic move by the Foundation, coupled with the growing trend of RWA adoption in DeFi, signifies a new era of innovation and expansion in the blockchain ecosystem, particularly for the Polkadot network.

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