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Philippines Launches Landmark $270 Million Tokenized Bond Sale

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  • The Philippines has successfully issued $270 million in tokenized treasury bonds, a pioneering move in digital finance.
  • This sale signals a strategic shift in the bond market, with high demand from investors and a strong push towards leveraging digital technology.

The Philippines Embraces Digital Innovation in Bond Market

The Philippines has marked a significant milestone in the realm of digital finance by successfully selling $270 million worth of its first tokenized treasury bonds. This development not only underscores the country’s commitment to digital innovation but also signals a strategic shift in the global bond market.

Historic Tokenized Bond Sale

The tokenized bonds, set to mature in November 2024 and carrying a 6.5% coupon rate, have attracted immense investor interest. A Bloomberg report highlights that the demand for these bonds was so high that the bids received were more than triple the minimum offer set at 10 billion pesos. This overwhelming response from institutional investors for peso-denominated tokenized assets reflects confidence in the Philippines’ digital financial strategy.

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Strategic Implementation and Roadmap

The Bureau of Treasury (BTr) of the Philippines appointed the Land Bank of the Philippines and the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) as issue managers. These institutions will oversee the issuance process and manage the one-year fixed rate offered with these tokenized Treasury bonds (TTBs).

The Digitalization Roadmap

The tokenized bond sale is part of the National Government’s Government Securities Digitalization Roadmap. This initiative aims to employ distributed ledger technology (DLT) for reducing risks and costs associated with traditional bond transactions, thereby streamlining the process. The issuance of these TTBs is seen as a proof of concept for wider application of DLT in government bond markets.

Facilitating Inclusive Investment

Under the Treasury’s guidelines, qualified investors can participate in the tokenized bond market with a minimum investment of PHP10 million (US$179,229), with additional investments in increments of PHP1 million (US$17,923). The official offering of the tokenized bonds began on November 20, and the issuance commenced on November 22.

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Democratizing Investment

Deputy Treasurer Erwin Sta. Ana highlighted the significance of this initiative, emphasizing its role in democratizing investment through digital technology. By reducing settlement risks and friction costs, the Philippines aims to foster a financially inclusive local bond market.


The Philippines’ successful entry into the tokenized bond market represents a major leap forward in integrating digital technology into traditional financial instruments. By pioneering such initiatives, the Philippines positions itself alongside other Asian financial hubs like Hong Kong and Singapore in exploring the potential of blockchain and tokenization. This historic bond sale not only demonstrates the country’s forward-thinking approach but also sets a precedent for the future of digital finance globally.

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