Pactum Will Enable Non Coders Develop Ethereum Contracts

What can developers who have no experience with Solidity, the code supporting most executable distributed code contracts (EDCCs) on the Ethereum blockchain, do to make their projects come to fruition?

Pactum provides an answer by offering libraries of EDCC templates that fit general use cases and can be customized by users as they see fit to meet the demands of a unique project. By creating an easy to follow web form, Pactum aims to automate verification and deployment on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. According to Pactum, "No solidity experience [is] required!"

Pactum posits that in the current ecosystem EDCCs are difficult to design and develop, and average users lack the coding expertise and resources to write them, which has hindered the mass adoption of Ethereum. Pactum's solution is to create a GUI that will allow users to build upon a template EDCC from the library to thus create a "pact" with one another. Pactum believes that "[EDCCs] that can execute near, if not fully, at an autonomous level is the future."

Co-founder of Pactum, Matt Swezey, told ETHNews he stumbled upon Ethereum around Summer of 2016 when searching reddit for inspiration to help him “hustle” and pay off his student loans. “Ethereum came up along with mining Ether for profit,” he said. “From there, I read about Ethereum’s platform and immediately took notice how much superior it was to Bitcoin. Being a software engineer for my 9 to 5, I can greatly appreciate having a programming language built on top of the blockchain.”

He went on to describe his evolution from an Ethereum miner, to investor, to developer.

“I decided I wanted to contribute to the crypto community in some way. At first, I didn’t know what that would be, then Pactum’s vision came to being. What inspired me to utilize Ethereum for Pactum’s CSC platform? I believe in the technology, the dev team’s team ability to execute, and the community backing Ethereum itself. What made Ethereum stand out to me? Besides what I mentioned above. Solidity as the JavaScript-like programming language. I’m a full stack developer, so this I could appreciate. The future road-map of Ethereum. Swarm, Raiden, & Sharding. Even PoS as well. I’ve already got plans in Pactum’s pipeline on how Pactum will best utilize these future enhancements to bring a better service to Ethereum’s community.”

Pactum’s Phase I will be to develop the interface for anyone with an Ethereum wallet address. Pactum has yet to release concrete details on Phase II but has hinted that it will involve developing “Pactum's Ecosystem of [EDCCs]” and the implementation of payment channels (channels designed to handle microtransactions while avoiding excessive transaction fees) within Pactum.

Pactum laid out its tentative goals, which are subject to change:

Pactum is actively seeking talented individuals with skills to match the team's vision for the road ahead. Prospective team members are invited to join the Pactum Slack channel, follow it on Twitter, and subscribe to its newsletter via Pactum's website.

Jeremy Nation is a writer living in Los Angeles with interests in technology, human rights, and cuisine. He is a full time staff writer for ETHNews and holds value in Ether.
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