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Osaka Digital Exchange Set to Launch Revolutionary Security Token Trading Platform

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  • Osaka Digital Exchange (ODX) announces the launch of ‘Start,’ its new digital securities trading platform, set to begin operations on December 25.
  • The platform will debut with a $20 million tokenized securities issuance by real estate firm Ichigo Owners, marking a significant move in Japan’s digital finance sector.

Osaka’s Leap into Digital Securities

Osaka Digital Exchange, a collaborative venture of Japan’s financial titans like SBI Holdings and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, is poised to launch its innovative digital securities trading platform named ‘Start’ on December 25. This initiative represents a strategic effort to establish a digital stock exchange, blending traditional financial expertise with modern blockchain technology.

Regulatory Green Light

Receiving regulatory approval on November 16 from Japan’s financial watchdog, ‘Start’ embodies ODX’s commitment to compliant and secure digital asset trading. This approval marks a critical step in integrating digital securities within the framework of regulated financial markets.

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Pioneering with Real Estate Tokenization

The platform’s inaugural issuance features around 3 billion yen ($20 million) in tokenized securities from Ichigo Owners, a leading real estate firm. This issuance, known as the Ichigo Residence Token, represents a pioneering step in real estate tokenization, targeting six prime residential properties with easy access to city centers. The venture is anticipated to be the largest security token issuance by the Ichigo Group, signifying a milestone in real estate investment on blockchain.

Progmat: The Backbone Technology

The tokens will be issued using Progmat, a sophisticated platform designed for the issuance and management of digital assets. This technology, eyed by major players like Binance for stablecoin issuance in Japan, underscores the potential of blockchain in transforming traditional asset management.


The Osaka Digital Exchange’s upcoming platform ‘Start’ symbolizes a significant shift in Japan’s approach to digital finance. By integrating blockchain technology with real estate investment, ODX is setting a precedent for future security token offerings and paving the way for a new era of digital asset trading that balances innovation with regulatory compliance.

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