It’s official. The Ethereum Foundation has launched the website for Devcon2.

Through September 19-21, Devcon2 will be one of the featured events during the International Blockchain Week in Shanghai, along with Wanxiang Blockchain Labs’ Global Blockchain Summit in September.

Devcon 2, “a conference by developers for developers”, will include in-depth panel discussions and presentations about the future of Ethereum. Such discussions include EVM, Casper, smart contract security, DApp infrastructure, and more.

As described on their site:

Every presentation in the Devcon2 agenda is a featured one that has been selected to contribute to providing the most comprehensive, relevant, and interesting overall conference to our community of developers.

As stated in the previous announcement, tickets cost $900 until July 31. After the early bird special, the cost will be listed at $1200. The Foundation does offer special discounts for students and developers. An application is offered for those who qualify for the discount. The discount is not listed at this moment.

The site will continue to add details as the days count down to the event.

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Danielle Meegan

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