Decentralized ether mixer
September 6th 2016
Decentralized Ether Mixer Smart Contract
With an Ether mixer contract, it allows multiple parties to deposit and withdraw funds with many different anonymous addresses.
Trezor Update
August 31st 2016
TREZOR Adds Ethereum Support
SatoshiLabs, the manufacturer of TREZOR, released an announcement of new upgrades.
jaxx wallet interface
August 30th 2016
Jaxx Ethereum Wallet Interface
Jaxx just released a video annotating how their Jaxx Ethereum Wallet interface will operate.
Digix Releases Marketplace UI
August 26th 2016
Digix Releases Their Marketplace UI
Digix Global, an asset-tokenization platform built on Ethereum which deposits digital gold into Ethereum user’s wallets, just released a video of their UI for their marketplace, DGX 2.0.

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