Wallets And Exchanges

March 28th 2017

What Is A Cryptocurrency Wallet?

blockchain looks reduce carbon footprint

Reducing The Carbon Footprint With Ethereum

Blockchain technology is being used to reduce the carbon footprint by spurring innovation in the electric vehicle market. Blockchainfirst is a company that recently delivered the first peer-to-peer vehicle charging cycle over the Ethereum blockchain.
Berns motion intervene IRS

Coinbase Customer Responds To IRS Opposition

On January 3, 2017, Mr. Berns filed a reply in response to the IRS’s response to his motion to intervene. The reply counters the government’s argument and outlines why the court should reject the government’s attempt to artificially moot the motion.

Zcash Is Now Live On Jaxx

Decentral, creators of the blockchain wallet Jaxx, sent out a press release regarding their integration with Zcash, the recently launched anonymous cryptocurrency.

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