update on the hard fork
October 28th 2016
Update on the Second Ethereum Hard Fork
After the DoS attacks started in mid-September during Devcon2, Ethereum developers had to enact counter attacks which finally led up to their ultimate decision to hard fork the network as a final reprieve. Today, the team met to discuss the secondary hard fork to commence after the weekend.
October 28th 2016
Anonymous Cryptocurrency Zcash Launched Today
Zcash launched this morning with the mining of their genesis block. They hope to bring complete anonymity to blockchain transactions.
October 28th 2016
Blockchain Can Revolutionize Every Aspect Of Healthcare
Using blockchain technology in the healthcare industry would have many benefits: from changing how medical records are stored and shared, to ensuring fraudulent activity is reduced in clinical trials.
Acronis adds storage blockchain
October 20th 2016
Acronis Adds Blockchain-Based Storage
Acronis Storage, the software-defined storage behind the award-winning Acronis cloud infrastructure, is now publicly available to service providers and business customers.
Open source how we use
October 18th 2016
Open Source and How We're Using It Today
Open source is a term that's thrown around a lot within the internet industry. But what does it truly mean, and why should users care? These are a few open source products that people are unknowingly using every day.

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