November 17th 2016
Securitization: A Potential Use Case For Ethereum
Securitization is the financial practice of pooling contractual debts, such as mortgages or auto loans. These grouped assets are then able to be sold to investors. Blockchain technology could streamline and secure this sector of finance.
November 18th 2016
Charity DAO Aims To Create Highly Transparent Non-Profit
Charity DAO is looking to create a decentralized autonomous organization on Ethereum. They want to allow charitable donations to be controlled by donors, and dispersed in a highly transparent manner.
SuperDAO chooses ETH
November 17th 2016
SuperDAO Chooses ETH
SuperDAO changes from working on ETC over to ETH. Here's why.
korea exchange blocko blockchain
November 16th 2016
New Korea Exchange Opens with Blocko’s Blockchain Technology
Blocko Inc. implements its blockchain technology ‘Coinstack’ for document and identity authentication. Coinstack supports all types of applications and protocols through the blockchain, including Ethereum and Ethereum smart contracts.
Put your money contract bug bounty
November 15th 2016
Put Your Money Where Your Contract Is Bug Bounty Program
"Put Your Money Where Your Contract Is" is a bounty manager contract that allows high stake contract creators to set up bounty programs with minimal overhead, and provides higher confidence for challengers that they will receive the award if they are successful.

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