Music on blockchain
December 13th 2016
Shaking Up The Music Industry With The Blockchain
Innovative music cooperatives are solving the inefficiencies of the music industry by reshaping ways artists can monetize and distribute their music.
Vitalik Buterin Blog Math zk SNARKs
December 12th 2016
Vitalik Buterin Blog Dives Into The Math Behind zk-SNARKs
The idea of zk-SNARKs is that they allow verification of the correctness of computations, without a verifier having to execute those computations, or even learn what was actually executed.
Ethereum bug bounty
December 2nd 2016
Ethereum Bug Bounties
Ethical hackers provide a much-needed service in discovering vulnerabilities on the blockchain through sponsored bug bounty programs
Blockchain ethereum reaching major universities
December 9th 2016
Major Universities Win Blockchain Voting Systems Competition
The Kaspersky Lab Cybersecurity Case Study Competition was a challenge to create a blockchain technology solution for securing digital voting systems. Three universities from the U.S. won the competition.
Chamber digital commerce release white paper
December 7th 2016
Chamber of Digital Commerce Releases Smart Contracts White Paper
The Smart Contracts Alliance of the Chamber of Digital Commerce hosted a Smart Contracts Symposium. During that event, they released a comprehensive white paper titled “Smart Contracts: 12 Use Cases for Business & Beyond”. The paper also examined legal and regulatory issues surrounding the technology.

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