September 7th 2016
Etherplay Now in Beta Test Mode
Etherplay, a gaming portal running on the Ethereum platform has now announced the start of their beta test.
Whisper anonymity
September 1st 2016
Whisper and Anonymity
Whisper is a useful tool in a variety of applications. It will help form key functions and components for a lot of Ethereum Smart Contracts and to anonymity.
A Second Attack on Krypton
August 31st 2016
A Second Attack on Krypton
After recently recovering from a 51% attack last week, Krypton has been attacked yet again.
Ether Cards
August 30th 2016
Give a Gift Card in Ether with Ether Cards
Ether Cards, a new passion project by Nick Johnson of the Ethereum Foundation, is considered Ether in physical form.

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