Ether camp crowdsale HKG
October 10th 2016
EtherCamp Crowdsale for New Token Hacker Gold just announced an upcoming crowdsale for their new token, Hacker Gold. The crowdsale will begin Oct. 20, 2016, and will run for the rest of their hackathon,
Building ethereum empire china
October 5th 2016
Building the Ethereum Empire with China
China has always been a progressive country with roots deeply planted in innovation. And now it's housing a lot of Ethereum powerhouses making it a country worth paying attention to in terms of Ethereum's ground-breaking technology.
ether camp update judges panel
October 6th 2016
Hack.Ether.Camp Adds Two Judges and a Forum just announced the addition of a forum and two more judges to their hackathon panel. They also interview Joseph Lubin of ConsenSys.
Ethereum android goes beta
October 4th 2016
Ethereum Android App Goes Beta
Earlier this year, P-ACS, a team of Java developers, had set out to create an Android compatible Ethereum API app for developers.

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