September 14th 2017

Former SEC Chair Arthur Levitt: Cryptocurrency Is Here To Stay

Grey Scale The Looming Shadow of Self Governance 1024x512 08 11 2017

Gray Scale: The Looming Shadow Of Self-Governance

You might be surprised to learn that there are individuals who, of their own accord and often at great risk, take on the challenge of protecting cyber space for the greater good. One of the best examples of this behavior is exemplified by a team of hackers specific to the Ethereum ecosystem and known only as “The White Hat Group.”
Revisiting Cryptocurrency Terminology

Cryptocurrency Terminology Revisited

To ETHNews “smart contracts” are better described as EDCCs and, in many cases, an “initial coin offering,” or ICO, should be called a “token offering.” Why do we take this approach?
Cryptocurrency in Unstable Economic and Political Situations 2

Cryptocurrency in Unstable Economic and Political Situations

While cryptocurrency has been hailed for its potential in the financial sector of the developed world, one of its greatest applications has been virtually overlooked. In nations that lack dependable economic systems or governance, digital currency may offer hope. Access to finances, security and privacy of funds, and faith in a common medium of exchange can aid many across the globe.
Historic blockchain development

Financial Technologies And The Human History Of Blockchain

The advent of digitized currency isn’t just evolving money, it’s changing human behavior by altering our valuation methodologies. If you want to know what is happening underneath the 1s and 0s behind the cryptocurrency revolution, and how it will affect our future, you have to start in our past.
Where are we DAO

Where are we DAO?

One year has already passed since The DAO incident rocked the ecosystem. The experiment in algorithmic governance is still the largest crowd-funded project in history. What happened to this dream deferred? What have we learned from its legacy? And where are we now?
Blockchain concepts build momentum worldwide

Blockchain Continues To Build Momentum

As industry and government officials grapple with the implications of blockchain, the future impact of distributed ledger technology is being foreshadowed by a surge in idea and thought conferences around the world.

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