Etherplay games ethereum
August 10th 2016
Etherplay: Games on Ethereum
Etherplay is a gaming portal built off the Ethereum platform which utilizes an oracle- based smart contract.
Kibo lottery system
August 9th 2016
KIBO: Decentralizing the Lottery System
The KIBO dev team has announced an ICO (decentralized crowdfunding) starting in September, for the launch of their first decentralized online lottery, based on Ethereum smart contracts.
An Ethereum programming course is now available!
August 5th 2016
Diginomics Ethereum Programming Course
Diginomics currently has an Ethereum Programming Course for digital money professionals and smart contract developers.
Momentum’s Blockchain opportunity summit.
July 27th 2016
Momentum’s Blockchain opportunity summit
On December 6th, 2016, in the heart of the financial district of NY, people will come together to understand how the blockchain is able to change their businesses.

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