Coinscrum event
August 26th 2016
Coinscrum Event Presents Plutus
This coming Tuesday (Aug. 30) from 6:30 to 9:30 pm, guests are invited to Coinscrum’s {blockstars} event sponsored by Capco Digital.
Santander gold sponsor devcon2
August 26th 2016
Santander Gold Sponsor for DEVCON2 and More
Santander joins Microsoft, a premier sponsor of DEVCON2, with a Gold Sponsorship. Community sponsors include B9Labs, Omise, Oraclize, MyEtherWallet, Ethfans, and Ethereum beta.
Shop bang good with ether
August 25th 2016
Shop on Banggood with Ether
Banggood, similar to Amazon, allows consumers to use Ether to purchase their goods.
Benefactory launches common press
August 23rd 2016
Benefactory Launches Common Press
Benefactory launches Common Press, which aims to provide more in-depth valuable news coverage.
Arcade city interview
August 22nd 2016
Christopher David on Arcade City and Ethereum Applications
Arcade City, the new ridesharing program is launching their app September 1st, with plans for Ethereum integration. CEO and Founder, Christopher David, weighs in on their progress.

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