Entertainment and ethereum
September 9th 2016
Ethereum: Rolling Out the Red Carpet
Ethereum is taking over the entertainment industry to fund the films and protect the creator's rights.
September 7th 2016
Ethereum to Be Featured in New York Art Exhibition
Using familiar and popular references, artist Simon Denny hopes to bring a bigger following towards virtual currency and blockchain through his art exhibit.
Women blockchain meetup
September 2nd 2016
Women in Blockchain Event
On September 6, 2016, in San Francisco, these Women in Blockchain meetup will highlight cryptocurrency exchanges.
DEVCON 2 overview
September 2nd 2016
DEVCON 2, September 19
DEVCON 2, the second largest event comprehensively dedicated to the Ethereum technology hits Shanghai, at the Hyatt on the Bund Hotel, in just a couple weeks.
devcon two update
September 1st 2016
DEVCON2 Platinum Sponsor Announced
Dinar Durham, the decentralized gold trading platform has just been announced as the DEVCON2 Platinum Sponsor.
Rustfest event
August 31st 2016
RustFest 2016 Comes to Berlin
RustFest is Europe’s first conference dedicated to the Rust programming language.

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