Law And Legislation

September 22nd 2017

CFTC Files Its First Fraud Charges Against Alleged Gelfman Bitcoin Scheme

Malaysian Authorities Address Cryptocurrency

Malaysian Authorities Address Cryptocurrency

This week, the governor of Malaysia’s central bank signaled his intention to issue cryptocurrency guidance by the end of 2017. Earlier this month, Malaysia’s securities commission cautioned investors about participation in token offerings (ICOs).
Bank Of Namibia Use Of Cryptocurrencies Prohibited Under Current Law

Bank Of Namibia: Use Of Cryptocurrencies Prohibited Within Country

The Bank of Namibia announced that it considers the spending of cryptocurrency within the nation to be illegal and advised Namibians to be wary of malfeasance and other risk factors, should they choose to trade in cryptocurrency. The same report indicated that the Bank’s position on cryptocurrency is subject to revision pending future research.
Thai SEC Issues ICO Guidance

Thailand's SEC Issues ICO Guidance

On Thursday, the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission released guidance on token offerings, explaining that in some circumstances, digital assets may be subject to securities regulation. In its statement, the regulator tried to strike a balance between fostering technological innovation and protecting investors.

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