January 20th 2017
Blockchain Startups And Entrepreneurs Benefit from New Legislation

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Governement report IRS lacks guidance VC
January 13th 2017
Government Report: IRS Lacks Retirement Investment Guidance On Virtual Currency
The Government Accountability Office released a report highlighting the IRS’s lack of guidance for IRA investments in “unconventional assets.” Virtual currency is considered an unconventional asset, and taxpayers may not fully understand their responsibilities when investing in this type of asset.
Coinbase files motion intervene IRS
January 13th 2017
Coinbase Files Motion To Intervene On IRS Summons
On January 11, 2017, Coinbase filed a motion in federal court seeking to intervene and challenge an IRS summons. Coinbase's motion will be heard on February 16, 2017, along with a motion to intervene filed earlier by Jeffrey K. Berns, a Coinbase customer and managing partner of Berns Weiss LLP.
Federal advisory insurance blockchain
January 6th 2017
Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance Discusses Blockchain
During a U.S. Treasury Department advisory council meeting in Washington DC, Matt Higginson, an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company, discusses the blockchain in front of the Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance (FACI).
Berns motion intervene IRS
January 4th 2017
Coinbase Customer Responds To IRS Opposition
On January 3, 2017, Mr. Berns filed a reply in response to the IRS’s response to his motion to intervene. The reply counters the government’s argument and outlines why the court should reject the government’s attempt to artificially moot the motion.
Looking forward ethereum 2017
December 29th 2016
Ethereum: What To Watch In 2017
Here is what Ethereum enthusiasts can expect and watch out for in the New Year.
Ethereum ecosystem recap 2016
December 29th 2016
Looking Back At Ethereum In 2016
2016 was a big year for Ethereum. In this piece, we explore many different facets that have contributed to its growth this past year. DAO Wars, using the fork, and Devcon2 are just a few highlights.
ICO issuers self regulate
December 22nd 2016
ICO Issuers Must Self-Regulate While Regulators Get Up To Speed
An Initial Coin Offering has become a popular way for virtual currency entrepreneurs to raise funds for a new project or concept. This type of venture capital model, a hybrid between initial public offerings and crowdfunding, has been used to finance many virtual currency projects. However, as state and federal regulators have not enacted disclosure regulations that are specific to ICOs, there is little protection for investors. In order to maintain investor confidence, ICO issuers must proactively self-regulate and engage in responsible disclosure practices until a regulatory framework is in place.

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