Hyperledger wraps 2016 eight members
December 29th 2016
Hyperledger Project Adds 8 New Members To Welcome the New Year
The Hyperledger project adds an additional eight new members to its team. The latest members include CA Technologies, Factom Foundation, Hashed Health, Koscom, LedgerDomain, Lykke, Sovrin Foundation, and Swisscom.
Bank of korea overview blockchain
December 29th 2016
Bank of Korea Releases Overview Of Blockchain Tech
The Bank of Korea’s research report “Present Status and Key Issues of Distributed Ledger Technology” will serve as a reference manual for long-term strategy and research on distributed ledger technology.
ICO issuers self regulate
December 22nd 2016
ICO Issuers Must Self-Regulate While Regulators Get Up To Speed
An Initial Coin Offering has become a popular way for virtual currency entrepreneurs to raise funds for a new project or concept. This type of venture capital model, a hybrid between initial public offerings and crowdfunding, has been used to finance many virtual currency projects. However, as state and federal regulators have not enacted disclosure regulations that are specific to ICOs, there is little protection for investors. In order to maintain investor confidence, ICO issuers must proactively self-regulate and engage in responsible disclosure practices until a regulatory framework is in place.
Recap ICO best 2016
December 23rd 2016
2016 ICO Recap
A brief outline of all Ethereum-based ICOs that occurred in 2016.
2016 IOT recap
December 23rd 2016
The Internet Of Things 2016 And Beyond
With 2016 proving to be an exciting year for the IoT (Internet of Things), here is a recap of a few IoT innovations that have permeated the blockchain space.

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