September 22nd 2017

As The Dragon Sleeps, Cryptocurrency Continues Its Ascent

E Governance

The Great Disruption: The Advent Of E-Government

Technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning have staked their claims in the financial realm. As waves of innovation accelerate technological disruption we can expect to see more use cases emerging for these new technologies outside the financial industry. One of the most exciting, and significant, is electronic government.
The Great Disruption in FinTech

The Great Disruption: A FinTech Snapshot

New financial technologies are facilitating increasingly intricate flows of capital and are opening up a new era of economic growth. New markets, new asset classes, and new ways of creating and exchanging value are just the beginning.
Grey Scale The Looming Shadow of Self Governance 1024x512 08 11 2017

Gray Scale: The Looming Shadow Of Self-Governance

You might be surprised to learn that there are individuals who, of their own accord and often at great risk, take on the challenge of protecting cyber space for the greater good. One of the best examples of this behavior is exemplified by a team of hackers specific to the Ethereum ecosystem and known only as “The White Hat Group.”

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