August 17th 2017

Zcash Foundation Offers $80,000 Grant To Attract Innovative Talent

Grey Scale The Looming Shadow of Self Governance 1024x512 08 11 2017

Gray Scale: The Looming Shadow Of Self-Governance

You might be surprised to learn that there are individuals who, of their own accord and often at great risk, take on the challenge of protecting cyber space for the greater good. One of the best examples of this behavior is exemplified by a team of hackers specific to the Ethereum ecosystem and known only as “The White Hat Group.”
Blockchain Technology & The Evolution of Cryptography

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Cryptography is widely used in today’s digital world. It’s the backbone of nearly all information technology and, like our ever-evolving technology, cryptography itself is due for an upgrade. The era of quantum computing is fast approaching and will present new challenges to the cryptography that underpins our electronically-connected, global society. The key to securing the future may be in the rediscovery of a cipher from 100 years ago.
IC3 Bootcamp Winners

IC3 Bootcamp Winners

The KEVM project team was declared the winner of the IC3-Ethereum Crypto Bootcamp for creating a human-readable model of reference for Ethereum Virtual Machine programs that is reliant on the K-framework.
Waterloo To Host Ethereum Hackathon Event

ETHWaterloo Announces Inaugural Hackathon

During the second weekend of October 2017, ETHWaterloo will host an invite-only hackathon at the Centre for International Governance Innovation. Over 60 teams will be asked to attend and develop decentralized applications and infrastructure on top of Ethereum.
SFSU bitcoin mining hack

SFSU Possibly Struck By Bitcoin Mining Hacker

In a recently declassified report from February 2015, the Business and Technology Resource Group found bitcoin mining software among malware on San Francisco State University’s databases. Could this indicate that a Russian hacker was somehow harnessing SFSU’s network for hashing power?
State of Digital Money 2017 Recap

State of Digital Money 2017: Recap

Professionals with interests in emerging technologies and evolving trends that disrupt the global financial system gathered together over the weekend in Los Angeles for the State of Digital Money conference.
A Meeting Of The Minds At Necker Island

Another Meeting Of The Minds At Necker Island

Next week, Sir Richard Branson will gather international civil, humanitarian, political, and technological leaders for the third annual Blockchain Summit at the immaculate Necker Island. This year’s conference will focus on democracy promotion, cyber security, the sharing economy, voting, and land titling.

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