November 19th 2016
Top ICO’s on the Blockchain to Follow

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Ethereum foundation light client devs
January 10th 2017
Ethereum Foundation Introduces Light Client For Dapp Developers
The latest post on the Ethereum Foundation’s blog introduces their light client to Dapp developers. The protocol is still experimental but should mean good things for programmers working on smartphone Dapps
e wallet for cars
January 10th 2017
Car eWallets: Your Vehicle Pays Its Own Way
European companies Innogy, UBS, and ZF are collaborating on a Car eWallet project. This would allow a car to pay for itself, and allow others to pay your car directly.
Looking forward ethereum 2017
December 29th 2016
Ethereum: What To Watch In 2017
Here is what Ethereum enthusiasts can expect and watch out for in the New Year.
Ethereum ecosystem recap 2016
December 29th 2016
Looking Back At Ethereum In 2016
2016 was a big year for Ethereum. In this piece, we explore many different facets that have contributed to its growth this past year. DAO Wars, using the fork, and Devcon2 are just a few highlights.
Music on blockchain
December 13th 2016
Shaking Up The Music Industry With The Blockchain
Innovative music cooperatives are solving the inefficiencies of the music industry by reshaping ways artists can monetize and distribute their music.
The unknown future blockchain gambling
November 18th 2016
The Unknown Future of Blockchain Gambling
Online gambling is now a reality on the Ethereum network but how regulators will monitor and control this phenomena is the 6 million dollar question.
Golem project trading
November 3rd 2016
Golem Network Announces Crowdfunding Date
The worldwide supercomputer, Golem, just announced their crowdfunding date which will begin November 11, 2016, at 3 pm GMT.

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