Pokémon Go and Ethereum
August 17th 2016
Pokémon Go and Ethereum
Pokémon Go and Ethereum could incentivize players and create more ownership. Afterall, we gotta catch them all!
Veterans affairs
June 18th 2016
Transparency is a Must for Veterans Affairs
Veteran Affairs issues may be solved if a special DApp was created solely for them. The vets could sign up through this DApp without having to wait for the administration to call them back to tell them when to make an appointment and whether they qualify for benefits.
blockchain backlog
June 7th 2016
Using the Blockchain to Solve the Backlog Issue
There is a staggering amount of untested rape kits that sit in an evidence room or lab. These kits are referred to the backlog, and their numbers can be diminished by utilizing the blockchain technology.
blockchain car title
June 7th 2016
Why Your Car Title Needs a New Home: Putting it on the Ethereum Blockchain
Even though our computer technology has advanced exponentially, there are still a lot of record-keeping systems that seem a little archaic. Car titles certainly are one, and being able to put them onto the blockchain would solve a lot of issues across state and country lines.
blockchain pets microchip
May 31st 2016
Your Pets Are Safer on the Blockchain
The potential, heart-breaking problem of a missing pet can be solved through a decentralized application (Dapp) that focuses on protecting lost pets. All registries would be put in one location: the blockchain.
online gambling
May 31st 2016
Online Gambling With Ether
The Ethereum platform offers a wide variety of games to whet your wagering appetite, including casino style gambling, sports betting, and lotteries. And the best part is, it’s provably fair.

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