April 29th 2017

United Nations Thinking Big About Blockchain

TenX card brings ether brick mortar

Card Innovation To Let Users Spend Ether As Cash At Outlets

As the market for Ether soars to new highs, more businesses are trying to find an angle to give the virtual currency the kind of flexibility needed for consumers. One such innovation comes from TenX, which offers a debit card that can be charged with Ether, and which may eventually be used worldwide at 20,000,000 outlets.
wikitribune charges fake news

Blockchain Technology Takes Aim At Fake News

The end of fake news may finally be in sight, although just out of reach. The founder of Wikipedia is attempting to revolutionize journalism with a new Wiki-based reporting start up. Can the WikiTribune deliver on its promises or will it succumb to the pitfalls of its own ambition?

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