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ETHNews Exclusive With RNDRs Jules Urbach & Ari Emanuel 1

RNDR: ETHNews Exclusive With Jules Urbach And Ariel Emanuel

This is the story of a revolutionary Oscar winning graphics technology leveraging Ethereum to reach its full potential. The RNDR Token is poised to break out of Hollywood and change the way we conceive of, interact with, and utilize reality. If you’re having trouble imagining the future, it might help if you could see it.
China launches 1billion fintech fund

As The Dragon Sleeps, Cryptocurrency Continues Its Ascent

Over the course of just two weeks, China’s ICO ban and the announced closure of cryptocurrency exchanges put a significant dent in bitcoin. The price of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency fell from an all-time high of nearly $5,000 to just south of $3,000. Likewise, its market cap plummeted by nearly $30 billion, a dramatic swing that can be partially attributed to the price drop itself. The looming closure of China’s cryptocurrency exchanges resulted in lower volumes and global trade remains volatile, but cryptocurrency has proven its resilience once again. Ultimately, a decentralized world economy is far more powerful than a single nation-state.

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