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Monopoly’s New Ally: VeChain Boosts Ecosystem with Audits and Tokenomics Upgrades

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  • Monopole announced a comprehensive 2023 roadmap, including new blockchain integrations, updated tokenomics, and a unique approach to marketing.
  • The company plans to release an educational webzine on blockchain and impact, alongside unveiling new digital and non-digital projects on its platform in March.

Monopole’s Vision for 2023: Expanding Impact and Innovation

In its recent AMA, Monopole outlined a forward-looking roadmap for 2023, setting the stage for a year of growth and innovation. The roadmap includes strategic audits, ecosystem integrations, and a revamped approach to tokenomics and marketing, reinforcing Monopole’s commitment to fostering a sustainable and profitable future through blockchain technology.

Strategic Integrations and Updated Tokenomics

A key highlight of Monopole’s roadmap is the integration with renowned blockchain networks such as VeChain, Cosmos, and Tezos. These integrations aim to expand Monopole’s reach, surrounding itself with diverse communities and players in the blockchain space. This move signifies Monopole’s intent to build a more inclusive and interconnected ecosystem.

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In terms of tokenomics, Monopole is taking significant strides. The company has introduced new use cases for its token, reduced the supply, and is moving towards a more realistic and sustainable model. During the upcoming audit phases, a simulator will be established to ensure the robustness and viability of these changes. This commitment to meticulous auditing demonstrates Monopole’s dedication to transparency and reliability.

A Unique Approach to Communication and Education

Recognizing the challenges faced in marketing over the past year, Monopole has decided to adopt a unique communication strategy. Starting from February, the company plans to release an educational webzine focused on blockchain and its impact. This initiative caters to those eager to learn about the transformative potential of blockchain in the realm of impact labelling.

March 2023 will mark the unveiling of new projects on Monopole’s platform. The company is excited to select and showcase the most innovative digital and non-digital projects, emphasizing its role as a catalyst for cutting-edge ideas and solutions.

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Engagement and Community Building

In addition to these strategic developments, Monopole has also been engaging with the wider blockchain community. A recent interview with Jonathan Riss for Start in Blockchain provided insights into the company’s philosophy and vision. The feature on Monopole’s founder, Justine, offers an intimate portrait of the driving force behind the company’s impact-driven approach.

In conclusion, Monopole’s roadmap for 2023 reflects a comprehensive strategy to enhance its blockchain ecosystem, with a focus on impactful integrations, refined tokenomics, and innovative communication. The company is poised to make significant contributions to the blockchain space, underpinned by a commitment to sustainability and a vision to harness blockchain for real-world impact.

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Collin Brown
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