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Metagood, Creators of OnChainMonkey NFTs, Secures $5M in Seed Funding

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  • Metagood successfully completes a $5 million series seed funding round, led by Sora Ventures.
  • The funding aims to enhance technology and product development for OnChainMonkey NFTs and Osura marketplace, as well as to establish new artist partnerships.

Metagood’s Leap Forward with $5M Seed Funding

Metagood, the pioneering blockchain technology and digital assets company, has announced a major milestone in its journey. The firm, known for launching the innovative OnChainMonkey NFTs and the Osura marketplace, has successfully closed a $5 million series seed funding round. This financial boost is set to propel the company’s vision forward, offering new technological advancements and product developments.

A Collaboration of Visionary Investors

Sora Ventures, a leading name in the venture capital sphere, spearheaded the funding round, marking a significant endorsement of Metagood’s potential in the blockchain industry. The funding round saw a diverse array of participants, including ACTAI Ventures, Bitcoin Frontier Fund, Bitcoin Magazine Fund, London Real Ventures, and Peach.xyz. This collective investment underscores the growing interest and belief in the transformative power of blockchain technology and digital assets.

A New Chapter for Metagood: Expansion and Partnerships

The infusion of $5 million is more than a financial milestone for Metagood. It represents a strategic investment into the future of blockchain technology and the evolving digital assets landscape. The funds are earmarked for the development of new technologies and products, particularly for the enhancement of the OnChainMonkey NFT collection and the Osura marketplace. This focus on innovation is expected to solidify Metagood’s position as a frontrunner in the dynamic world of NFTs and digital marketplaces.

Catalyzing New Artistic Collaborations

Beyond technology, the funding will also serve as a catalyst for Metagood to forge new partnerships with artists. These collaborations are set to bring fresh creativity and diversity to the OnChainMonkey NFTs and the Osura platform, offering both artists and collectors new avenues to explore and engage with digital art. Metagood’s commitment to bridging technology with artistry underlines its mission to redefine the digital assets space.

Metagood’s Forward-Thinking Approach

Metagood’s successful seed funding round marks a significant step in its journey to revolutionize the blockchain and digital assets domain. By focusing on technological innovation and fostering partnerships with artists, Metagood is set to redefine how NFTs and digital marketplaces are perceived and engaged with. As the company moves forward, it stands at the forefront of a new era in blockchain technology, poised to make a lasting impact on the digital landscape.

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