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Mastercard Partners with Feedzai to Strengthen Crypto Fraud Prevention

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  • Mastercard collaborates with Feedzai to combat cryptocurrency fraud, utilizing AI for real-time monitoring and enhancing security in digital transactions.
  • This partnership reflects Mastercard’s commitment to legitimizing cryptocurrencies and aligning them with mainstream financial regulation standards.

Mastercard Enhances Crypto Security with Feedzai Partnership

In a significant development for cryptocurrency security, Mastercard has announced a partnership with Feedzai, a leader in regulatory technology that leverages artificial intelligence to combat online financial crimes. This collaboration marks a major step in Mastercard’s ongoing efforts to secure and legitimize cryptocurrency transactions.

Advancing Fraud Detection in Crypto Transactions

Mastercard’s partnership with Feedzai brings an advanced level of fraud detection to the crypto industry. By integrating Feedzai’s cutting-edge AI technology with Mastercard’s CipherTrace Armada platform, the system can provide real-time alerts on suspicious crypto transactions. This direct integration surpasses traditional API access, offering an additional layer of protection against fraud for consumers.

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Feedzai’s CEO, Nuno Sebastio, highlighted the critical role of this partnership in not only detecting crypto scams but also in targeting money laundering activities and the misuse of mule accounts. With a significant portion of fraudulent transactions originating from bank accounts to crypto exchanges, this alliance is pivotal in safeguarding the integrity of financial transactions in the digital asset space.

Mastercard’s Drive for Crypto Legitimization

Mastercard’s collaboration with Feedzai underscores its strategic initiative to bring digital assets into the fold of mainstream financial regulations. As banks and financial institutions increasingly delve into cryptocurrencies, the need for robust regulatory frameworks and security measures becomes more pressing. Mastercard’s partnership with Feedzai addresses these concerns, aiming to treat digital assets with the same rigor as traditional financial assets.

Mastercard President Ajay Bhalla emphasized the dual nature of today’s digital finance landscape, where opportunities coexist with risks. With crypto transactions facing a significantly higher fraud rate compared to traditional fiat transactions, this partnership empowers financial institutions to effectively differentiate between legitimate and fraudulent activities.

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Building on Previous Security Efforts

This partnership builds on Mastercard’s previous acquisition of CipherTrace in 2021, further solidifying its commitment to enhancing the security infrastructure of the crypto space. Through this collaboration, Mastercard and Feedzai are setting a new standard in the fight against financial crimes in the cryptocurrency sector, marking a significant advancement in the journey towards a safer and more regulated digital finance ecosystem.


Mastercard’s partnership with Feedzai represents a critical step in fortifying defenses against crypto-related fraud. By harnessing AI technology for real-time fraud detection and aligning cryptocurrency with traditional financial regulations, Mastercard is playing a key role in enhancing the legitimacy and security of digital assets. This collaboration not only protects consumers but also contributes to the broader goal of establishing a safer and more trustworthy digital finance landscape.

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