Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Becomes Worlds Largest Open source Blockchain Initiative

On July 18, 2017, the EEA announced its latest additions. Over the last two months, 35 organizations, among them credit card giant Mastercard and technology conglomerate Cisco Systems, have become new members in the EEA. A complete list is available below.

Initially, some redditors expressed confusion since Mastercard was not listed in the official EEA press release. However, according to Andrew Keys, head of global business development at ConsenSys, “Mastercard is indeed a new member of EEA. They asked not to be in the press release document but approved being on the EEA official website.”

Julio Faura, chairman of the EEA and head of R&D at Banco Santander, expressed his joy at the organization’s swift expansion. “EEA’s rapid growth in membership mirrors the accelerating acceptance and deployment of Ethereum blockchain solutions in the global marketplace,” he said. “The technological breadth, depth and variety of organizations coming together under the auspices of EEA to create and drive enterprise Ethereum standards bodes well for the future development of the next-generation Ethereum ecosystem.”

Formed in early 2017, the EEA aims to adapt Ethereum into enterprise-grade technology. Research into scalability, privacy, and security are key to the organization’s goals. The EEA is exploring “hybrid architectures,” which transcend public and private chains, in addition to “industry-specific application layer working groups.”

By establishing industry standards and facilitating collaboration, the EEA believes its open source framework will allow for mass adoption through the backbone of the Ethereum blockchain.

Among the EEA’s existing members, some of the most prominent names include: J.P. Morgan, Deloitte, Accenture, and Intel.

In addition to Mastercard, the other newest EEA members include:

2AdviseAmalto TechnologiesAntibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK)Aquilon Energy Services, Inc.ASSETHBlocko Inc.BloqCisco SystemsCyberSoft Digital Services Corp.Enter Corporation Co., Ltd.Equities.com, Inc.Finclusion Labs, Inc. (WeTrust.io)Government of Andhra PradeshHashcash ConsultantsHEAL AllianceiEx.ecLazarski Universityloyyal CorporationMadHiveMattrNetObjex Inc.OTP Bank Plc.QIWI Blockchain Technologies LLC.RevelryRISKebizScotiabankStreami Inc.Talkcrypto.orgTechnical University of MunichTexcent Asia Pte LtdTIS R&D Center, Inc.TokenCard / Monolith; Ventured and Ypse IT Solutions.

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