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Mainnet Magic: EOS EVM v0.6.0’s Unparalleled Innovations Set to Transform the Blockchain Landscape

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  • EOS EVM v0.6.0 launches with Trustless Bridge support for ERC20 tokens and USDT (EOS Native) integration.
  • Cross Virtual Machine Communication introduced, expanding EOS EVM’s potential by utilizing the best of both Ethereum and EOS virtual machines.

Enhanced Trustless Bridge Capabilities

The EOS EVM v0.6.0 release signifies a transformative moment for the EOS ecosystem. With the introduction of the Trustless Bridge for ERC20 tokens, there’s now a secure and efficient pathway for altcoins between EOS EVM and EOS Native platforms. This advanced feature facilitates users to deposit and withdraw USDT (EOS version) seamlessly between their EOS Native accounts and mainstream exchange accounts to the EOS EVM environment.

Moreover, in an unprecedented move, smart contracts from both EOS EVM and EOS Native can now communicate with each other, ushering in novel applications that amalgamate the strengths of Ethereum’s and EOS’s virtual systems.

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Pivotal Inclusion: Official USDT Support

This latest iteration enhances the functionalities of the previously established trustless bridge while preserving EOS EVM compatibility. In its previous version, solely EOS tokens could transition via this bridge. The recent update, however, expands this capability, allowing the EOS Native rendition of USDT to be portrayed as an ERC-20 token on the EOS EVM. This innovation provides EOS EVM users access to USDT (EOS variant) without the dependency on potentially unreliable third-party bridges.

For those keen on the technical specifics:

  • EOS EVM Token Contract Address: 0x33b57dc70014fd7aa6e1ed3080eed2b619632b8e
  • EOS Native Token Contract Address: tethertether

Facilitating Seamless USDT Transfers

Users can effortlessly deposit USDT to the EOS EVM from an EOS Native account by initiating a token transfer of USDT (tethertether) to the designated ‘eosio.evmin’ EOS account, ensuring the EVM public key is correctly specified in the memo section.

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Furthermore, EOS EVM now supports USDT deposits and withdrawals via major centralized exchanges that endorse Tether for EOS Native, encompassing giants like Binance, Bitfinex, and Kucoin. Additionally, withdrawing USDT (EOS variant) from EOS EVM back to EOS Native has been simplified, thanks to the integration with the trustless bridge frontend.

Delving Deeper with EOS EVM

For enthusiasts looking to explore further, numerous resources are available ranging from the EOS EVM product backlog, its web portal, ecosystem explorer, and dedicated developer platforms on Telegram and GitHub.

About the EOS Network and EVM

The EOS Network stands as a beacon of 3rd generation blockchain technology, leveraging the power of EOS VM for near-instantaneous, virtually feeless transactions. In contrast, EOS EVM represents Ethereum’s emulation within the EOS framework, providing unmatched speed and performance. The EOS Network Foundation, established in 2021, orchestrates this synergy, championing innovations and fostering a prosperous decentralized future.

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Jack Williams
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