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Litecoin’s Ongoing Struggle in Key Price Zone

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  • Litecoin’s consistent trading around the $64 mark underscores its significance as a Point of Control (POC) in recent trading history.
  • Market data showcases a palpable tension, with neither buyers nor sellers decisively taking the lead.

Navigating the Price Conundrum

Litecoin, a stalwart in the crypto space, has been at a standstill, oscillating around a pivotal price tag. In spite of bullish forces attempting to thrust its value upwards, bearish sentiment remained staunch, pulling it back into familiar territory.

The Story Told by the Charts

Recent activity had seen Litecoin spiking from $64 to $68, a commendable 6.1% uptick. Yet, this surge was met with an equivalent decline, seeing it retract back to the starting line of $64. This seesaw motion underlines the tug-of-war between buyers and sellers.

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The 12-hour chart, furnished by LTC/USDT on Trading View, provided an insightful perspective. Here, the Visible Range Volume Profile displayed the Value Area High (VAH) at $93, and the Value Area Low (VAL) at $57. Most notably, the POC was pinned at $64.

For those less versed in trading jargon, the POC represents the price level with the most substantial trading activity over a specified period. In Litecoin‘s scenario, this period spanned back to early June, highlighting the critical nature of the current price zone in dictating the crypto’s impending trajectory.

An exploration of on-chart metrics further painted a picture of market ambivalence. The Chaikin Money Flow (CMF), registering a marginal +0.05, indicated a modest influx of capital. In contrast, the Relative Strength Index (RSI), straddling the neutral 50 threshold, revealed a balance in buying and selling forces.

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Given this equilibrium, the market could swing in two possible directions: a bearish tilt could drive Litecoin down to the $60 vicinity, or bullish momentum might propel it towards the $70 mark.

A Derivative Market Perspective

Turning to data from Coinalyze, the derivatives market, too, echoed this sentiment of uncertainty. While there existed a predominant positive funding rate, suggestive of a buyers’ inclination to ascend, the spot CVD showcased a declining trend. This decline elucidates a diminished demand for Litecoin, hinting that in this delicate balance, sellers might have the upper edge.

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Jane Smith
Jane Smith
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