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Litecoin’s (LTC) Big Comeback: Long-Term Investors Fueling Price Momentum

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  • Litecoin’s continuous downtrend in 2023 challenges the $60 support, but on-chain data reveals a potential bullish future.
  • Long-term Litecoin holders have been accumulating at significant rates since early October, echoing patterns from previous rallies.

LTC’s Balancing Act: $60 Support Tested

Litecoin‘s performance throughout 2023 has demonstrated a clear bearish trend, strongly influenced by the 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA). With the price predominantly oscillating between $60 and $72, recent technical indicators have painted a bleak picture. Notably, the 50-day EMA has been a consistent barrier to bullish breakouts. At present, Litecoin is valued at $60.77, showing a modest intraday growth of 0.91% after a 4% dip over two days.

Technical Insights:

  • RSI Indicator: The Relative Strength Index (RSI) remains neutral, showing no significant divergence as it positions below the 14-day Simple Moving Average (SMA).
  • 50-Day EMA: This dynamic resistance metric continues to thwart any bullish ascendance.

While short-term trends lean bearish, there are indicators hinting at potential bullish behavior. If LTC manages to breach the 50-day EMA, we could see it ascend to $70, potentially aiming for the $100 milestone. However, if bears maintain control, a dip below $60 could be imminent, putting the $50 support zone under scrutiny.

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Long-Term Holders See Potential: A Deeper On-Chain Analysis

Despite the evident bearish momentum, Litecoin has witnessed intriguing on-chain activity, particularly from long-term investors. Following the 3rd halving event on August 2, 2023, which saw block rewards for miners slashed from 12.5 LTC to 6.25 LTC, there was an anticipated decline in Litecoin’s value.

However, recent data from Glassnode underscores a significant trend: since the beginning of October, long-term holders, or HODLers, have been accumulating Litecoin at notably high volumes. Between October 13 and October 17 alone, these investors added over 400,000 LTC to their portfolios, a scale of acquisition not observed since June 2021. Historically, such spikes in long-term holder net inflows have preceded price rallies of at least 25%.

The fundamental principle here is that as long-term investors accumulate and withhold their holdings, the supply available for trading contracts. If demand surges, it can instigate a quick price recovery. And while this bullish sentiment hasn’t permeated the day-trading community yet, history suggests it’s a pattern worth watching.

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The Day Traders’ Skepticism

Aggregate data from leading cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Coinbase reveals a dominance of sell orders, with sell intentions outstripping buy orders by a staggering 800,000 LTC. This disparity showcases the prevailing skepticism among day traders about an imminent Litecoin price recovery.

Yet, if historical patterns hold and long-term holders persist in their accumulation trends, the broader market sentiment might soon align with this bullish perspective. The impending tug of war between bears and bulls will determine Litecoin‘s trajectory in the coming weeks.

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