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Kinto Unveils Groundbreaking KYC-Compliant Ethereum Layer-2 Network with $5M Funding

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  • Kinto has secured $5 million to develop a KYC-compliant Ethereum Layer-2 network, aiming to integrate traditional financial institutions with DeFi.
  • The network ensures only KYC-verified entities transact, enhancing security and compliance within the DeFi space.

Revolutionizing DeFi with KYC Compliance

Blockchain startup Kinto has raised a significant $5 million to develop a pioneering Ethereum Layer-2 network, distinguished by its native Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks and investor accreditation mechanisms. This groundbreaking development aims to facilitate a seamless integration of regulated financial institutions with the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector.

Strategic Funding for Compliance-Centric Network

Kinto’s journey to innovation was bolstered by a $1.5 million pre-seed investment from Kyber Capital Crypto, followed by an additional $3.5 million in a subsequent round. This funding underscores the market’s confidence in Kinto’s vision to create a compliant, secure network for financial entities wishing to engage in DeFi.

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The Uniqueness of Kinto’s Layer-2 Network

The Kinto network is set to become the first fully KYC-compliant Layer-2 network atop Ethereum. Its primary focus is to eliminate the risks of anonymous exploits and scams prevalent in current DeFi platforms. This network ensures that only entities verified through KYC protocols can engage in transactions, thereby enhancing the overall security and regulatory compliance of the platform.

Incentives and Insurance for Developers

Kinto’s network is not just about compliance; it also offers attractive incentives for developers to build new applications. These incentives, derived from transaction fees, along with insurance provisions, make the network an appealing platform for developers looking to innovate within the secure confines of a regulated environment.

Kinto’s Vision for a Compliant DeFi Future

Alex Klokus, the co-founder and managing partner at Kyber Capital Crypto, expressed strong conviction in Kinto’s vision, foreseeing the inevitability of a fully KYC’d Layer-2 network atop Ethereum. Kinto’s team is poised to execute this vision, heralding a new era in DeFi where compliance and innovation coexist.

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Upcoming Initiatives and Developments

Kinto is gearing up to launch its onboarding and KYC process, marking a significant step towards actualizing its vision. This move is expected to open doors for regulated financial institutions to enter the DeFi space securely and compliantly, thus expanding the horizon of possibilities within the blockchain ecosystem.

Conclusion: A Paradigm Shift in DeFi

Kinto’s development of a KYC-compliant Ethereum Layer-2 network represents a paradigm shift in the DeFi sector. By addressing key regulatory and security challenges, Kinto is paving the way for a more inclusive, secure, and compliant DeFi ecosystem, promising a brighter future where traditional finance and decentralized systems converge seamlessly.

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