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JP Morgan’s Programmable Payments Enhance VeChain and IOTA Partner Siemens’ Treasury Automation

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  • Siemens becomes the first client to use JP Morgan’s JPM Coin for programmable payments, enhancing treasury operations and capital use.
  • Programmable payments, a key advancement in digital currency, offer more flexibility than traditional conditional payments and support real-time, automated transactions.

Siemens has marked a significant milestone in the world of digital finance by becoming the first JP Morgan client to harness the advanced programmable payment features of JPM Coin, a blockchain-based bank account solution.

Advancements in Programmable Payments

This move towards programmable payments signifies a shift towards more sophisticated and flexible financial operations. Unlike conventional conditional payments, programmable payments enable a broader range of rules and responses to specific financial events. JP Morgan’s innovative


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interface, accessible via its online treasury portal, offers unprecedented control and automation capabilities.

Dr. Peter Rathgeb, Group Treasurer of Siemens AG, emphasized the importance of this development, stating,

“This will take Siemens to the next level of automation to not only optimize the use of working capital but also enable data-driven digital business models and support the scalability of our Siemens business from the treasury side.”

This reflects a strategic move to integrate advanced financial technology into core business operations.

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Additional major companies, including FedEx and Cargill, are also gearing up to implement this technology in the coming weeks, indicating a growing trend in the adoption of programmable payments.

JPM Coin: A Trailblazer in Digital Currency

JPM Coin, which began trials in 2019, is now a key player in digital transactions, processing over $1 billion in payments most days. Its capabilities extend beyond programmability, offering atomic settlement and 24/7 cross-border transactions within JP Morgan accounts, even before the introduction of programmable features.

Naveen Mallela, Head of Coin Systems at Onyx by JP Morgan, highlighted the significance of this advancement,

“Programmability has been a key objective for digital currencies and tokenized money since the beginning. This is an important milestone and foundational for real-time, automated and programmable treasury.”

The Growing Trend of Tokenized Deposits in Banking

JP Morgan’s pioneering steps in tokenized deposits have set the stage for a broader movement within the banking sector. Other major banks are also embracing this technology, with Bahrain’s ABC bank utilizing it and the UAE’s FAB recently completing a trial. Additionally, Citi and HSBC have announced initiatives in tokenized deposits, showcasing the adoption of this technology by the world’s leading banks.

This trend reflects a significant evolution in how financial institutions are leveraging blockchain technology and digital currencies to offer more dynamic, efficient, and flexible financial services, revolutionizing the landscape of corporate finance and treasury management.

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