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Join Lovely Inu and Celebrate 2 Years of DeFi Projects Growth through a Lovely Extravaganza

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As an emerging financial technology, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) offers many benefits to its investors and enthusiasts. Thus, the necessity of an extensive ecosystem to sustain future DeFi projects is undeniable.

As such, Lovely Inu is one of the most comprehensive and engaging DeFi ecosystems that revolves around its native token, LOVELY, developing various financial tools, driving many investments, and growing opportunities.

In addition, after two years of driving growth possibilities to all Lovely’s investors, hodlers, and DeFi enthusiasts, it’s time to celebrate their 2nd anniversary.

Prepare for July 30, 2023, and embark on the Lovely Inu Extravaganza, which takes its dynamic community to new heights, marking its tremendous effort and achievements!

About Lovely Inu | The Most Innovative DeFi Ecosystem

Probably one of the most extensive cryptocurrency projects for the Decentralized Finance niche, Lovely Inu aims to create a vibrant environment around its native token, LOVELY.

The project focuses on developing the necessary financial tools that benefit its users, including a fully customizable DEX based on Uniswap V2, liquidity pools, token listings, launchpads for fundraising, and trading competitions.

Upon developing the tools, they also optimize the DeFi experience by offering multiple investment opportunities and fostering community engagement. Thus, Lovely Inu reshapes the DeFi landscape through its visionary approach and community-driven mindset.

One of The Most Extensive DeFi Ecosystem You Have Ever Seen 

Lovely Inu aims to establish a unique medium that serves all its DeFi investors and projects by combining a seamless platform with developing the right tools. 

Lovely Finance DeFi V4 | A Revolutionary AMM Environment

If the starting point, Lovely Finance DeFi V3, has already proved its capabilities and driven a 10 million volume market, it’s time to upscale this. 

By introducing Lovely Finance DeFi V4, an AMM ecosystem developed to generate growth capital for its existing investors, Lovely Inu provides the necessary financial tools to sustain this ecosystem further and extend.

The Automated Market Maker (AMM) is a decentralized exchange that defies the norms of a traditional order book. Instead, it uses a complex algorithm to make it easier for its traders to buy or sell LOVELY assets.

The Most LOVELY Ecosystem

Currently, the team is working on the V4 smart contract, and the corresponding tools will include the following:

  • DEX, Swap, Liquidity Pools, Token Listings, Token Validation, Custom Fees, and Zero-Fee Swap;
  • Launchpads, ILOs;
  • Liquidity Tokens, Liquidity Tokens Farming; 
  • Order Book, Price Oracles, Trading Competitions;
  • The LOVELY Token that powers V1, V2, V3, and V4 DEXes;
  • A broad LOVELY community with strong investors and LOVELY devotees;
  • Software Development Partners;
  • On-Chain Analytics and DEX Analytics;
  • Lovely CEX (Centralized Exchange);
  • Lovely Wallet.

Unique Tokemonics Approach for Growth Opportunities

Lovely Inu surprises us with a unique tokenomics approach whereby the swapping fees are reinvested in the ecosystem. As the usual UniSwap-based DEX takes 0.3%, the daily amount generated represents a considerable opportunity to further invest in the development of Lovely Inu DeFi V4, providing sustainable token growth.

Moreover, this buy-out protocol has been developed over four years, as shown below.

  • The 2022 protocol meant a 40% revenue buyback to be burned, along with a 60% investment in marketing to generate awareness and, ultimately, grow its user base.
  • This year’s protocol is equally divided for LOVELY buyback and marketing revenue.
  • However, from next year, things will change. 70% will be allocated towards LOVELY buyback, 20% to the marketing share, and 10% to the Lovely team.
  • In 2025, we will see 85% of revenue allocated for the buyback protocol, 10% share for the team, and 5% for donations.

This approach emphasizes supply reduction, providing sustainable token growth and many incentives for holders, positively impacting the price of the tokens and ecosystem expansion.

Join the Unforgettable 2nd-Anniversary Extravaganza!

As mentioned, on July 30, 2023, all LOVELY users and investors are invited to a memorable event that puts the Lovely Inus ecosystem into the spotlight.

Join many other enthusiasts, discover the new 15 exchange listings, such as Huobi, Gate.io, Mexc, BitMart, and others, along with 1001 marketing influencers, and be part of this growing and vibrant community!

The 2nd-anniversary marks the extensive work and the growth challenges that have been overcome. Nonetheless, the celebration will be a good investment opportunity for all its LOVELY users, investors, and DeFi projects, leading to a favorable price appreciation.

Moreover, the event intertwines utility, listing, and holding benefits that will propel all members to unlimited possibilities, taking the Lovely Inu ecosystem to new heights.

Keep Yourself in the Loop in This Lovely Environment

Why not be part of this evergrowing ecosystem that changes the DeFi landscape and brings an extensive array of tools developed to sustain and grow the many opportunities the next years will bring?

Stay in the loop and enjoy the many benefits that Lovely Inu offers by visiting the official website and following them on popular social media platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to stay informed and participate in the most exciting outcomes that Lovely Inu community offers.

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