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IRS Sharpens Focus on Crypto: New Proposed Rules Set the Stage for Stricter Compliance

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  • The U.S. Department of the Treasury and IRS have issued proposed regulations aiming to standardize reporting and income taxation for digital assets, impacting how brokers and digital asset trading platforms operate.
  • Key provisions include redefining ‘broker’ to include digital asset platforms, implementing specific identification methods for basis calculations, and overturning Revenue Ruling 2019-24 related to hard forks.

Digital Assets Under the IRS Lens: Compliance, Reporting, and Hard Forks

As regulatory winds shift, the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have released groundbreaking proposed regulations designed to bring the reporting and taxation of digital assets into alignment with conventional financial assets.

Re-imagining the Role of a ‘Broker’

One of the cornerstones of the proposed rules is the redefinition of ‘broker’ under Section 6045 of the Internal Revenue Code. The term now ambitiously incorporates digital asset trading platforms, payment processors, and certain hosted wallet providers, along with entities offering to redeem digital assets they’ve issued. This broadened scope mandates these entities to be accountable for reporting sales or exchanges of digital assets to the IRS, thereby raising the compliance ante.

Implications for Digital Asset Platforms

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The prospective regulations are not merely theoretical; they impose tangible obligations on digital asset trading platforms. Firstly, platforms would need to revamp their systems to report detailed transactional information to the IRS. This involves enhancing existing infrastructural mechanisms to meet these new compliance standards.

Additionally, with the introduction of these regulations, trading platforms should anticipate increased regulatory oversight, possibly manifesting as IRS audits and examinations aimed at verifying compliance. The regulatory microscope will undoubtedly zoom in closer on these platforms, rendering transparency and accuracy more crucial than ever.

Calculating Basis and Unfurling the Tax Web

Another pivotal aspect of the proposed regulations deals with the calculation of the ‘basis’ of digital assets. The IRS mandates the use of the specific identification method under Section 1012 for determining asset basis, granting taxpayers the ability to specify which assets are being sold or exchanged. This level of specificity may offer a nuanced approach to understanding the tax ramifications of digital transactions.

Navigating the Complexity of Hard Forks

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In a significant policy reversal, the proposed rules would overturn Revenue Ruling 2019-24, which currently classifies digital assets received after a hard fork as taxable. Under the new guidelines, taxpayers would have greater latitude to inform the IRS about the receipt and disposition of such assets through annual returns or other designated means.

Digital Assets as a Distinct Asset Class

Marking a departure from traditional classifications, the proposed regulations stipulate that digital assets constitute a third, distinct category of assets, separate from securities and commodities. This exceptional treatment acknowledges the unique attributes of digital assets and lays down specific taxation guidelines for them.

Note that these regulations are still in the proposal stage and have yet to be formalized. However, if enacted, they could provide an unprecedented framework for the standardized taxation and reporting of digital assets.

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