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IOTA’s Transformation Unleashed: Shimmer and IOTA Teams Join Forces to Revolutionize Mainnet Node Software

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  • The goshimmer and hornet teams have merged, focusing on the development of ‘iota-core,’ a decentralized variant of the mainnet node software of IOTA.
  • Though the stress testing is yet to commence due to ongoing cleanup and refactoring, the new node is operational and includes stardust support.

In a significant leap forward for IOTA, a pivotal player in the realm of blockchain, the teams of goshimmer and hornet have joined forces to work on an ambitious project — the ‘iota-core.’ This venture aims to establish a decentralized edition of IOTA’s mainnet node software, propelling the blockchain technology towards a future marked by enhanced decentralization.

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The announcement about the team merger and the subsequent progress on ‘iota-core’ came from Hans Moog, a recognized figure within the IOTA community. He shed light on the state of the project, revealing that the newly merged team has made considerable strides in creating a functional version of the mainnet node software. This rendition of the software not only supports decentralization but also incorporates stardust support, a crucial addition for efficient and streamlined operations within the IOTA network.

Despite these significant accomplishments, the team has refrained from initiating stress tests. This decision stems from the necessity to finalize the ongoing cleanup and refactoring of some software components — an imperative step to ensure the smooth operation of the decentralized node. Yet, it is remarkable how swiftly the team managed to rewrite almost the entire node software, a task of notable complexity and scale.

For those interested in tracking the progress and exploring the inner workings of the ‘iota-core,’ Moog has shared a link to the GitHub repository. This open-source platform enables tech-savvy enthusiasts and blockchain professionals alike to delve into the intricacies of the ‘iota-core’ project.

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Moog has also expressed intentions to provide regular updates on the project’s development. The first of these updates, however, is on hold until the completion of a pending PR that Moog is currently working on. This strategy indicates an inherent dedication towards transparency and a commitment to keep the IOTA community informed about the strides made in advancing the project’s decentralized vision.

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