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IOTA’s Stardust Upgrade: A Quantum Leap for Investors and the Ecosystem

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  • ASMB project’s discontinuation paves the way for a significant IOTA token distribution.
  • The Stardust Upgrade will enhance the IOTA ecosystem by aligning it with leading-edge features comparable to Shimmer.

Following an announcement from “IOTAmania”, the ASMB project will be discontinued. Stakeholders will be compensated with IOTA tokens. In total, 160 million IOTA tokens will be set aside for this purpose. An individual can check the exact amount they are entitled to by visiting the GitHub repository of IF and locating their staking address. For instance, an address which stands to receive a sum of 30,336.442239 MIOTA equates to roughly 4,750.69 USD. The beneficiaries will be credited with 10% of their dues in two weeks, with the remaining amount distributed monthly over a span of 24 months.

The Aftermath of the Stardust Upgrade

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Post Stardust Upgrade, in order to augment the overall token supply, there will be a necessity to fork, resulting in a new token version. The update also sees a change in the unit of measurement for IOTA. To assimilate these new IOTAs, users merely need to update the Firefly Wallet. Furthermore, IOTAs present on exchanges will be seamlessly migrated to the new network. Importantly, no “IOTA Classic” token will be introduced post this upgrade. This ensures the legacy system does not fragment and eventually becomes obsolete. The upgrade will put IOTA on par with Shimmer concerning features, including NFT capabilities and the creation of individual tokens.

Token Distribution Post Stardust

To maintain a competitive edge, 40% of the new total supply, amounting to approximately 4.6 billion IOTAs, will be allocated as visualized in a given image. These newly minted 1.82 billion tokens are planned for monthly distribution over the next four years. However, they might not necessarily be in circulation. The IF tokens will serve investment purposes, with no intentions of market sale, hence not affecting the token price. Interestingly, the IOTA community will have a say in the proposed usage of these tokens.

Journey Ahead: Roadmap Insights

The eagerly anticipated Stardust Upgrade is scheduled to go live in two weeks. Concurrently, ShimmerEVM has concluded its developmental phase and is currently in testing with diverse providers. Its launch is slated shortly after the Stardust Upgrade. IOTA 2.0, also termed as coordicide, is reportedly ready, with training materials set to be rolled out in October. The world is poised for a barrage of documents and presentations, prepping for the IOTA 2.0 introduction. The full-fledged version, devoid of any coordinator or validators, is projected for a possible late 2023 or early 2024 debut on Shimmer. Following a six-month trial, it will finally be integrated into the IOTA Mainnet. The developmental roadmap doesn’t conclude with IOTA 2.0. The planning for Smart Contracts on IOTA L1 has already been initiated.

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